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Bakery Simulator Cheats

Bakery Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete Secret Spice List:
Written by Ram

Bronze Bread   - Rosemary
Golden Bread   - Basil
Grannyís Bread - Honey
Puppetís Bread - Basil
Corn Bread     - Cinnamon
Sunny Bread    - Orange peel

Breakfast Bun      - Jam
Morning Bun        - Garlic powder
Triangle Bun       - Cloves
Puppetís Bun       - Chili
Grannyís Bun       - Cinnamon
Surprise Bun       - Jam
Twin Sisterís Bun  - Ginger
Twin Brotherís Bun - Cinnamon
Lava Bun           - Chili
Square Bun         - Mascarpone cheese
Magma Bun          - Ginger

Farmerís Loaf - Honey
Folksy Loaf - Rosemary
Old-Fashioned Loaf - Cinnamon
Silver Loaf - Dried cranberry
Sunny Loaf - Orange peel
Grannyís Loaf - Cardamom
Brownie - Vanilla

Muffin On The Go - Dried cranberry
Cheat Day Muffin - Mascarpone cheese
Cocoa Cup - Honey
Surprise Muffin - Caramel
Grandpaís Muffin - Cinnamon
Exotic Muffin - Cloves
Chocolate Muffin - Vanilla
Wise Muffin - Ginger

Doughnut - Jam
Cheat Day Doughnut - Caramel
Surprise Doughnut - Dried cranberry
Coconut Doughnut - Orange peel
Puppetís Doughnut - Mascarpone cheese
Grandpaís Doughnut - Cinnamon

-=Baguettes & Croissants & Pretzels=-
Baguette - Garlic
Croissant - Jam
Bagel - Chili
Pretzel - Ginger
Puppetís Baguette - Rosemary
Gluten Free Baguette - Cardamom
Chocolate Croissant - Orange peel
Puppetís Pretzel - Vanilla
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