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Avadon - The Black Fortress Cheats

Avadon - The Black Fortress

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Rick 

In game, press [Shift] + D and you'll get a prompt asking "What do you want?"
During this, you can type in the following commands. Be warned that using 
these codes disables earning medals unless you leave the region that you 
are currently in.

Effect                                                              Code   
See all NPC's on the map, even in areas that haven't been covered.- showmeall
Disables showmeall.:                                              - dontshowmeall
Gives your main character a cake.                                 - giveasnack
Instantly gives your party 500 gold.                              - iampoor
Instantly gives your party a level.                               - iamweak
Provides War/Resistance/Shield Chant as well as Haste.            - shieldsup
Resets your characters skill points and abilities;                - retrain
allowing you to change how your character is.
Restores everone's Vitality to full as well as resets             - rechargeme
the cooldown of all of their abilities.
Restores everyones HP to full.                                    - healmenow
Restores Jenell's loyalty if you've made her unhappy.             - sorryjenell
Restores Nathalie's loyalty if you've made her unhappy.           - sorrynathalie
Restores Sevilin's loyalty if you've made him unhappy.            - sorrysevilin
Restores Shima's loyalty if you've made him unhappy.              - sorryshima
Shows your current frames per second.                             - fps
Teleports your party back to Avadon.                              - backtoavadon
Tells you where you are currently at, the zone,                   - whereami 
and the x/y coordinates.
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