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Aurelia Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Just open your supply (the backpack in the upper right corner), click on 
cheats (in the appropriate menu), as well as once in the brand-new food 
selection or window kind one of cheats we are mosting likely to provide 
you as well as click get in. 

-=How to cheat?=-
These are all the readily available cheats, you can use the majority 
of them as many times as you desire, so as an example SLUMDOG = Limitless cash.

-=Cheat Codes Full List=-
Some of the codes are currently not working, you can try them if you 
desire in futures updates:

SLUMDOG     - 1,000,000 Gold 
TOTHEBRIM   - Unlocks all the achievements
VSZOMBIES   - Plants saplings in the garden 
PANACEA     - 100 of each potion
LEWDMAGE    - When talking to Ivy, she is nxked
APOTHECARY  - 100 each of certain ingredients
FUCKMEUPFAM - Deletes your entire savegame information
WISEMAN     - Instant level 100/ Max attribute points
DEBUG       - Debug menu (Type in DEBUGOFF to turn it off)
DUORESET    - Resets Ivy/Scarlet Questline
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