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Asterix and Obelix XXL Cheats

Asterix and Obelix XXL

Alternate costume:
Submitted by: conner54

Successfully complete the game to unlock a new costume for Asterix. 

Unlock Obelix's Roman costume: 
Collect all the Gold Laurels in Rome to unlock Obelix's Roman costume.

Unlock Obelix's Redbeard the Pirate costume: 
Collect all the Gold Laurels in Helvetia to unlock Obelix's Redbeard the 
Pirate costume.

Unlock Obelix's Bathing suit: 
Collect all the Gold Laurels in Normandy to unlock Obelix's Bathing suit.

Unlock Asterix's Roman costume: 
Collect all the Gold Laurels in Gaul to unlock Asterix's Roman costume.

Unlock Asterix's Pirate costume: 
Collect all the Gold Laurels in Greece to unlock Asterix's Pirate costume.

Unlock Asterix's Bathing suit: 
Collect all the Gold Laurels in Egypt to unlock Asterix's Bathing suit.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Mr.LightSite
* Hitting a wild boar will spawn a gigot, restoring one point of shield out of 
  five – you can do this infinitely on any of them.
* Combo attacks are done by getting a full COMBO gauge – each attack consumes 
  between 1 and 3 bars, depending on its efficiency.
* Sometimes, you’ll hear your partner whistle as they are ready to toss a Roman
  at you. Jump and hit the poor enemy mid-air, and you will get a X3 multiplier.
* Multipliers are cumulative, so try getting some free ones as frequent as 
* It can’t be said enough times: Twister combo is an absolute must as it will 
  make the end game fights a breeze (no pun intended) – thus, try to save at 
  least 30,000 by the time you reach Helvetia, when it becomes purchasable.
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