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At Dead Of Night Cheats

At Dead Of Night

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Helpful Tips & Strats to Beat the Game:
Written by ErderiTheFox

Some tips and answers for the most popular questions about the game.

-=General Strats (My Own Strats)=-
1. How to get an ahead start

When you change floors, it takes some time for Jimmy to get there (even in the 
second half of the game with his insane speed) - it might be just enough to 
figure out the compass section and find the room you have to check.

After the ghost encounter, you can go to the elevator, change the floor and 
lure him there. You can change the floor back after that and get an ahead 
start once again. Basically change the floor every time.

-=How to lure Jimmy on the floor and stay safe tho?=-
Hide in the room with lights which is the closest to the storeroom. 116 or 217. 
Then listen to Jimmy and go for the elevator. If you hide from the other side 
of the elevator - then Jimmy can ambush you and from this side you are pretty 
safe. If you hide in the dark room and he wants to check your room all of a 
sudden - then you have no closet option and if you hide in the bathroom, there's 
a chance that Jimmy will bonk you!

2. Prefer hiding in the closet to hiding in the bathroom
If you hide in the bathroom then Jimmy has a small chance of bonking you and 
you have no control over that. So don't abuse your luck.

If you hide in the closet then after you hear the door close (assuming that 
he checked the room) - stay in the closet and listen for a bit. If you hear 
footsteps or him yelling outside - he's in the corridor and it's safe to leave 
the closet even if the read menu button is trying to trick you. But if you 
don't hear that then he's most likely in the bathroom - run out of the room and 
enter the closest one (or go towards the elevator and change floor). Still, 
know that he might still be outside, so listen carefully. If you have gone in 
the hallway and you hear no swears and Jimmy being upset opening the door then 
he's in the hallway with you - hide somewhere asap.

3. How to make sure you won't mess up pairings
After you mess up the pairing or the ghost won't have answers for 3 times in a
 row - the ghost will disappear for some time which is pretty annoying. If you 
have already had 2 tries and are afraid that the ghost will disappear then exit 
the ghost voice receiver mode, turn around and the "mess-up-counter" would 
refresh, so you can try 2 more times after you click on the ghost voice receiver 
again. If you fail - repeat.

4. How to get around the map
The map must be confusing at first but the main thing you have to remember is 
that the first floor is basically a circle, the second has a store room near 
220 and the 3d floor is a trap.

The best tip here is: if you are going towards the elevator from the side with 
the room #01 - then Jimmy can ambush you. Make sure he's far away or keep an 
eye on the right side of the screen near the elevator and if you see him upon 
moving - keep going instead of turning and pressing the button. Going from the 
side with the rooms #20 is safer (at least you'll see him and will have time to
run away - no ambushes).

-=It's obvious, why are you telling me that?=-
Well, the main thing to know is that Jimmy can't teleport (though sometimes it 
seems so) so he moves logically around the map - if he's checking the dead end,
 he'll go back, if he's on the 2d floor then you should know that it would take 
less time for him to turn back if he's heading towards 220 than towards other 
part of the floor. If you are on the 3d floor - pray and read the next section 
of the guide.

5. Don't rely on your eyes and peephole, listen carefully instead!
Along with the previous point, comes this one. Listnening to Jimmy's screams 
and steps you can get the idea of where he's heading to and how long it will 
take him to check that side of the hotel and turn back (or go in circle if you 
are on the 1st floor). His movements are similar to yours, so if he's outside 
the room you can see him go in the same direction several times in a row, which 
is confusing. Don't rely on that, listen.

The most important sound cue is a relatively loud metalic bonk which occasionally 
happens. It mean he's near the elevator. That'll give you an idea of where he's 
heading to.

-=How to Lock Jimmy in the Room=-
So, basically it works that way:

* You have to call for Jimmy and wait for him to start opening the door (you have 
  to wait because sometimes Jimmy plays dumb and you have to call for him 4 times 
  and more even on extreme difficulty).
* When you hear him opening the door, hide in the closet.
* When you hear the door close, Jimmy's either in the bathroom or he left the room 
  and might ambush you in the corridor so you have to listen for just a tiny bit 
  but don't waste too much time.
* If you've hear the footsteps or him calling out, it means he's outside and you 
  have to exit the closet and repeat step 1 even if the menu button keeps being 
  menacingly red.
* If you haven't heard anything then you need to exit the closet and go straight 
  for the door as fast as possible (because Jimmy can exit bathroom and bonk you 
  at any point). When you've left the room you need to lock him as fast as possible. 
  He'll stay locked for a short period of time and then will exit the room and 
  will start roaming around the halls again. He is Jimmy HALL after all... 
  And, yes, I hate myself for this joke as well.

-=Known lifehacks=-
If you wait for a little bit before going to the closet, show Jimmy your butt after 
he opens the door and then go inside the closet then he'll definitely hide in the 
bathroom (checked that on stream, worked every time). But beware and read issue ?1!
If you don't have a deadlock key, you can still do that as it still takes a bit of 
time for him to exit the room and start pursuing you - you have just enough time to
get to the elevator and safely change the floor.

-=Known issues=-
* After the last updates Jimmy can enter the room faster than he opens the door so 
  it's hard to judge whether he's seen you or not so that might be risky (I've faced 
  the issue on extreme mode).
* Sometimes Jimmy can enter the room at the same time as Maya exits the room. So, 
  there's a slight chance that you and Jimmy can exit the room simultaneously as well.

-=Third Floor: Survival Guide=-
So, basically the trap.

Your best bets are either locking him inside the room (read how to do that in another 
section) and running towards the elevator as fast as possible) or moving 1 room at a 

If you have to move 1 room at a time - listen for the metalic bonk sound cue when you 
are sure he's heading away from you. This is the safe opportunity to move 1 room 
towards the elevator. Metalic bonk means he's near the elevator and if he's going 
away from you then you have enough time until he goes through the area with stairs 
and storeroom, then in another corridor and then turns back. Do that until you reach 
the room 301.

When you reach room 301 - it gets difficult. You can't hear much because of the window 
and metalic bonk sound cue doesn't help as he can ambush you near the elevator (you 
are going from the dangerous side so unlucky you). Here your best bet is to listen to 
his footsteps going further into the hotel and moving when you don't hear them 
anymore - it means he's around the corner further in the corridor and you have enough 
time to get to the elevator... in most of the cases.

Help Me, Rose's Story, Room 223!

In the room 223 Rose will chill for a while and you'll have to match 3 sightings with 
3 objects.

The most problematic one is the ring, so here's the solution:

You have to match the ring with the sighting of Hugo on stage.

I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

-=How to Save Frens?=-
If a fren screams at the end - they are dead. Yes, it's possible that they won't 
scream and here's a couple of rules to help you:

If you are following my "change the floor as often as possible" strats then this time 
you have to wait till Jimmy gets to the floor. He comes through the stairs so if you 
make the fren run before he comes to the floor then he'll meet them right at the elevator 
and... welll... you know what happens next.
Jimmy is fast as heck but there's still logic to his movements:

If you are on the 1st floor: wait for him to be as far as possible (if you barely hear 
him scream) and let the fren go. That's a safe bet.

If you are on the 2d floor: fren won't go through the store room. They will go from 
the side with the room 201 so keep that in mind. Wait until Jimmy's as far as possible 
near the storeroom (the one blocking the corridor and he's NOT from the elevator side) 
and let them go. Also the safe bet but you have to be a bit more careful.

If you are on the third floor: pray.

Jokes aside, it is really hard. You are most likely in the rooms 303 or 306. 
There's 2 options:

Wait until you hear metalic elevator bonk and Jimmy will go towards the other part of
the hallway, let them go and if Jimmy's not in his frenzy mode, they'll make it.

Wait until he's in the other dead end in the same hallway and let them go, if he's 
not in the frenzy mode, they'll make it.

Tips to Beat the Game:
* When Jimmy leaves, wait 5-!0 seconds, then go up to the door, call Jimmy, and check 
the spyglass. If he comes from the direction you didnt want him to, wait again and 
call him again. When he passes by, wait 3 seconds, and get out and RUN. There is a 
very high possibility he will give chase, but if you click fast enough, you will make 
to a new room, the elevator, or the stairs.

* Dont be afraid. If Jimmy spots you, there will be a VERY obvious sound clue and 
your menu will turn red, then when the game considers you safe, it will turn white. 
Use this in a room to your advantage as you can see exactly when he is far away enough 
to walk safely. If he does spot you, enter the closest room out of his line of sight 
(the direction his eyes were looking when he saw you), if you are fast enough, he will 
walk by usually very quickly.

* Alternate hiding spots. If you hide in the bathroom when Jimmy enters and leaves, 
the adaptive AI tells him to check there next time, so you must hide in the closet next 
time. If Jimmy hides in the bathroom, either wait for him to despawn, or, if you have 
the key, SPAM THE DOOR. If you are quick enough, you will be able to lock Jimmy in, 
and have a straight beeline to your escape.

* If all else fails, simply turn on the better subtitles in the subtitles category on 
the menu.
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