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A Summer's End Hong Kong 1986 Cheats

A Summer's End Hong Kong 1986

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Dialog Choices Guide:
Written by ghostfisting

The game operates on a straightforward point system that unlocks additional scenes 
if you accrue a certain amount of points with the love interest. For anyone who 
needs help unlocking that content, here’s a list of all the dialog choices you 
have to pick.

Anything that isn’t mentioned doesn’t shift the meter one way or the other, and 
adds flavor text instead (check the bottom section for exceptions). Oh yeah, and
it goes without saying that you should probably play the game on your own at 
least once without a guide first. You know, for funsies.

-=Positive choices=-
Listed in order of appearance:

“That’s fine but…” or “If you’re paying.”
“A cat.” or “A dog.”
“I’ll visit your store.”
“I wanted to take a look at your shop.”
“I prefer reading a book.”
“I can’t say.”
“Tequila Sunrise.”
“Can you tell me more? I don’t know much about it.”
“Your smile never changed.”
“Sam… Yes.”
“Feed the cat.”
“It’s not disrespectful.” or “I don’t know.”
“I thought you would be this age.”

Each of these choices counts as a +1 Sam point basically. If you have the adult 
patch enabled (here’s the official guide on how to do so) and you pick all the 
dialog options listed above, you’ll unlock all the additional NSFW scenes/gallery 
images one by one after this point.

-=Negative choices=-
Listed in order of appearance:

“I like watching documentaries.”
“I’ll take them both.” nets you a -2 so pick this one if you really want to screw 
yourself over

If you have less than 7 points by the time you reach the dinner scene with Joey, 
you’ll unlock a different ending, otherwise the game continues as usual from then on. 
If you want to see that ending and its corresponding gallery image, pick all the 
neutral options + negative options or just keep your point total below the threshold.

-=One last thing=-
Some choices don’t directly affect your relationship with Sam and aren’t reliant 
on you having the adult patch installed to play out. Picking them unlocks two little
scenes right before the ending. They’re pretty self explanatory, but just in case 
they aren’t, here are those dialog choices in order of appearance:

-=Scene 1=-
“A cat.”
“Feed the cat.”

-=Scene 2=-
“I suppose so.” or “We can always make more memories.”
And with that you should have the gallery filled out!
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