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Astro Colony Cheats

Astro Colony

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Build Autochatchers:
They are not present in the building hot-bar. With "K" key you can open 
the menu with entire list of buildings. Then you can find the autocatcher
into the "Mine" section of this menu.

You can select and build the autocatcher from this menu, or you can dron 
it to the hot-bar (into an empty slot or replace the manual catcher).

BTW with researches youíll discover more buildings which can be accessed 
only via "K" menu.

Or, you can point at the blue one and hit the U key to upgrade them if you 
have all the materials for it.

How to Make Food for Astronauts:
Written by Zeetank

-=Make Your First Food=-
* Build hydro generator, this will enable to build thrusters, and is also 
  where youíll later make food.
* Build several thrusters in a single row. I built 6.
* Press M, then find a planet. Not sure which has quartz, but a green one did.
* Pin it so that you can see it outside of the map.
* Position yourself with your back to the thrusters. Gauge the direction you 
  need to turn, then adjust the thrusters by moving the circle in their settings. 
  Make sure to always click the button "Apply to connected thrusters" to avoid 
  fiddling with them individually. Repeat until youíre headed towards the pin.
* Once you arrive close to the planet, set the thrustersí power to zero. 
  You may choose to dock.
* Mine some rocks to get quarts, then feed it into the hydro generator to make 

Water Resource Tips:
Water seems to be the biggest issue in the game regarding keeping a population
of colonists. Read below how to use it more effectively.

By using a bank of 6 Automatic Asteroid Grabbers I have, amongst tons of other 
resources, tanks full of water made by grinding ice, which is a resource I have 
no shortage of. Thatís a fair way before getting people arriving.

Note: This happens until you get a kitchen. With 6 miners you runs out of water 
constantly because it uses 10 water a cycle regardless of whether itís making 
something or not.

Make a big automatic asteroid grabber farm that sorts out all the basic materials 
in to some basic processing. Itís really easy with solar power and grabbers to get 
like 20 of these things up and running and you can just AFK farm tons of resources 
including water.

* Farms donít actually need water to gather and to plant, only to water, so you can 
  have as an example two wheat farms where one does the watering other without 
  connection to water will default to harvesting and planting. It even performs 
  better this way than two farms having water.
* Kitchen doesnít need water to make bread, just donít give it any!
* But personally I consider this constant consumption to be a bug, both for power 
  and for water.

Tips to Find a Black Hole:
* You just need to be 2-3 chunks away from the main, they will start to show up.
* There are really many of them, so itís hard to miss.
* You can also get a radar later in the game which just shows you them on the 
  screen, when are there.
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