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Astlibra Revision Cheats

Astlibra Revision

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Chapter 4 Bubble Puzzle Solution:
This puzzle was a bit strange and I didn’t see another guide on 
it, so if anyone else was having trouble here it is.

-=How to Solve Chapter 4 Bubble Puzzle=-
The mural in the previous room shows the answer. It has different card 
suits on it, and in order it’s heart, club, spade, diamond. The statues 
in the next room are supposed to match the colors those suits usually 
are in playing cards, so set the statues to red, black, black, red. It’s 
really simple but I was so frustrated because I didn’t get it lol, and I 
could only find help on the JP walkthrough.

Anyways, before you thinks this is obvious, I’ll just say that both a lot 
of modern playing card sets and other video games will show some of these 
suits in colors other than red or black (I’ve seen clubs as green and 
diamonds as yellow for example). And the game can have some pretty obtuse 
puzzles, but I think that’s part of the charm. Hope this is helpful for 
anyone who needs it.

Secret Chest in the Bridion Swamps:
How to get to this chest
Nearly right side of chest there’s a door can open, using something 
that open goblin spot.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by thatinsaneperson

Simple tricks and tips for completing the game without unnecessary difficulty.

* Once the first chapter is completed you unlock the arena, complete the arena every
chapter as their are important items locked away in it such as the crossbow and 
alchemy book 2. If not acquired it will make the following chapters after 4 really 

* The crossbow can be used to cheese certain Colosseum fights and be used greatly 
in the second half of chapter 7.

* Every mokyu shop and the arena has a blue crystal which allows you to respec stat 
points from level up. you can also purchase a respec potion as well for little cash.

* Maxing out equipment is always a priority, try maxing out the stick in later 
chapters such as 4 or 5 as that unlocks a experience boost for maxing out weapons.

* There is a hidden boss in 5 which requires saying no to siro first then when gau 
is with you go back to siro to make her come with you. Now beat the regular boss of 
the chapter and it should appear.

* If you do not have the crossbow for chapter 5 and need to get the green orb use 
a staff.

* There are 6 optional bosses that are hidden throughout the game you can most 
likely start to kill them by chapter 7.

* The first is in the ch 3 and should be the first one you should tackle their is 
a rock that blocks the entrance their. you have a unseen time limit kill him before 
he does his screen clear

* The second is in ch 5 underground save that one for around last. they have an 
attack that petrifies you do not block it as it will break your guard as it will 
follow up with an attack that will do ludicrous amount of damage but little to no 
guard damage

* The third is in chapter 6 when you first get to Elysium go left their is an 
invisible road this should be the 3 to fourth you beat. she has an attack that 
causes projectiles to fall from the sky for a long time so just hide under the 
two platforms in her room, she also summons these mushroom patches that prevent 
summoning destroy them to continue summoning.

* The 4th is in ch 7 sage tower their is a ladder go up it you will soon find a 
guard make him go to sleep the boss is in the next room he should be either 3 or 
4 to beat. he can also summon mushroom patches that block using items so destroy 
them as well, he also has black hole attack that makes a gravity well below him 
that lasts a while so to properly attack him run to the other side to the arena 
he will teleport. usage of eliminate is heavily recommended.

* The final two are in your base hub, one is in a house that is on the same screen 
as your home use the goblin key to open it this one should be the second you should 
face. she makes clones during her fight and if you damage them it will unleash a 
massive barrage of bullets so be sure to guard.

* The final one in castle town is only unlocked after beating ch 6 go to the well 
on the screen that leads to the arena you can go into it now save that one for 
around last as well. be wary of the hands, eliminate is also heavily recommended 
hear. don’t forget the Pegasus boots.

* Love can be acquired 3 times throughout the play through before the final dungeon 
post game. !0 can be acquired from friendship levels that unlock when the final 
dungeon unlocks. Which means you only need to farm 3 love in total this can be 
expedited with using the rune of rebellion to help acquire love easier.

General Tips for New Players
December 27, 2022 Guides 0

If you dont explore, sometimes things like the Arena are not in your radar.

Newbies Tips
Open the Menu and read the “that I need to be done” tip at the bottom center of the screen when you are lost.
You dont need to put effort in combo count. Its a plus, but nothing more.
The Possesion are Elemental creature you summon: You can put an option in this creature menu to turn on/off the “stop time”, so when you are in the middle of a combo, press and maintain the button and use the combination to invoke the creature you want.
Items and gold: if you can buy 99 of healing items, go for it and consume it when needed.
Use-the Grow-menu.
The Libra menu is your friend: you can put items at the 2 sides, dont need to be 100/100 to show effects. You can use items with same effect but different grade. Same grade effect don’t stack.
Jump: you can combo the sky attack + double jump for more altitude
Combos: Start to integrate the possesions with the basic attack. When you have the sky and the dive attack, the fire and ice elemental gonna be epic.
Arrow: Use-the-arrows!!! a lot of things gonna clic when you shoot em.
Lv Up your items and go back for old ones: get in of your confort zone, more or less def/damage versus quality of life really is a good trade.
Some key items can be used in various chapters: Example, you gonna need to open a “secret door” with a key item. If you are atentive, the same kind of door gonna appear in a lo of places… use the same key item.
AGI status at 30-40 points gonna be a game changer: this is, for me, the best start status you need to put your points at Lv Up.
The Tree branch and Electric Scepter are your friends: You going to need time, a lot of time to lv UP them. But if you use the “30-40 point AGI”… you gonna melt bosses.
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