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Assetto Corsa Competizione Cheats

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to increase/improve SA-Rating +2 in 20 Minutes:
Written by fux_oki
The race: Overtake them just on the straights and do it very close, in the turns 
stay very close behind them and just overtake when itís safe. When you are first, 
stop the car, let some cars pass and do the same again.
In 20 minutes I gain +2 SA-Rating. I got 40 or more trust in a race.
Today I did two races in open lobby (=Multiplayer) at Bathrust, also each race 20 
minutes but with qualyfing. I earnd just +1 or 2 SA-Rating (in the lobby it showed 
71 but in race 70. Back again in the lobby it was at 72). Very disappointing, 
because it was a very clean race, but not much overtakes like in the singleplayer 
method and it took 60 minutes (but I wouldnít belittle the experience you gain).
I also recognized in a 40 minutes Monza race with stormy weather, that I gained 
SA-Rating although at some point I was alone on the server. Maybe this will add 
some SA-points in total.
-=How to improve Open Lobby experience=-
Just my 2 cents:
You donít win the race in Turn 1! A race has at least 7 or 8 laps!
If someone is faster than you, let him pass. Even if he is lapped (name is marked blue). 
It is a unnecessary risk.
Before Turn 1 break carefully and not at the last moment. Look what the guys in 
front and behind of you are doing. Try to drive foresighted (like in real life). 
If some is divebombing, donít turn in. Let him drive straight in the shadow realm 
and laugh. Just try to survive lap 1 with at least damage as possible and after 
that it will be good. Sure, if someone wants to crast you, there is not much you 
can do. But you can be clever and set a trap (if you try to overtake him and he 
wants to bump you from the side, break and see him loosing control).
My last 10 races were awesome, just with these simple tips. And I do gain positions. 
I start from P12 and finish with P4 (as example), because the guys in front of me 
are crahsing and I just drive safe (and fast).
-=Also a tip for choosing open lobby servers=-
If you look below the server name, you will see something like this 
(Explanation behind):
FP1 14/15 (in white); Q15; R30 (this means 14 minutes practice left)
FP1 15; Q 1/15 (in white); R30 (this means 1 minute qualifying left)
FP1 15; Q 15; R 29/30 (in white) (this means 29 minutes race left)
FP1 15; Q 15; R 30 (in white) (this means race is over)
-=Also another tip for Qualifying=- 
If you leef the box/pit lane and start your first round, you are on your outlap. 
This round doesnít count (like you now). You will notice this guys as blue dots 
on the map. Guys who are marked grey are on their flying round/hot lap. Move when 
they (grey dots) are close to you and donít ruin their lap time, because you have 
nothing to loose but they.
Also look on the map, when you are in the box and choose the correct moment to 
start your outlap. Donít get in a ďtraffic jamĒ or donít hinder someone.
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