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Assassin's Creed Pirates Cheats

Assassin's Creed Pirates

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy experience:
Complete the optional objectives in side-quests to gain more experience and resources.

* Make sure you account for your target's speed when aiming. Your volley must be aimed
  at where they will be, not where they are currently. This is particularly true when 
  dealing with smaller and faster ships such as gunboats. 
* Fire the swivel gun when it is off cooldown. It is most effective against weak points.
* Fire your weapons as quickly as possible, allowing more of a chance to hit them again 
  in the same turn. This may also interrupt your opponent's reload times. 
* Start a firing phase with the Spider Shot.
* To get the most accurate shots against your enemy, wait until they stop moving or until
  you can anticipate their direction. 

Set three shots to the wind then adjust your view to be as close to directly behind the 
ship as possible. This will allow you to steer accurately and aim for the goal. Use the 
perks and power-ups if desired to sail faster. Use the same technique when bringing an 
item back for someone. 

Use perks to get the most use from them. For example, use the Speed Boost during a mission 
that is a race. Use a Damage perk on a mortar volley and not a swivel hit. Because of their
long cooldown, make sure they are used appropriately. 

Avoiding damage:
* Remain calm and take your time when dodging enemy fire. Time your moves correctly and try
  to not take damage for a bonus at the end of the mission. When an overhead shot is used 
  against you, dodge forward and back. Wait until the white line is directly over your ship
  as an indication on when to dodge in a different direction.
* Explore the entire area as quickly as possible. When arriving in certain areas, you will
  need to sail under the clouds to get a better view. Look very closely to see enemies 
  hiding under the clouds. Either sail around the enemy ships or prepare to fight them.

Fill your ship with many crew members as possible. Each new crew member on your boat will 
lend their perks towards your ship. The more perks you can use, the more advantages you 
will have. As progress and earn levels, you can unlock more slots for your perks and hire
more crew members from the tavern.
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