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Ashina: The Red Witch Cheats

Ashina: The Red Witch

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

All Endings Guide:
Written by Stranga

This is a guide to help obtain all endings. However, the secret ending 
will not be completely revealed as it wouldn’t exactly be a secret but 
I will be giving quite a lot of hints towards obtaining it, you will 
have to find all the items yourself.

-=How to Get All Endings=-
Firstly, Ashina: The Red Witch has no alternative endings as the game 
is a prequel and there wouldn’t be a logical way to continue the story 
if otherwise, hence why I made an unlockable extended ending which is 
all canon.

How each ending unlocks works on a point system. Throughout the game, 
you will hear a small bell sound once you have earned a point (similar 
to the save sound). These points accumulate towards a specific ending.

I would also advise making multiple saves throughout the game especially 
in the sewers as one crucial point relies on starting the sidequest before 
you leave.

-=Ashina Ending=-
To obtain the Ashina ending, just complete the game as normal, it will 
unlock regardless of how you play through it.

-=Tena Ending=-
* Talk to Tena about her dream in Ash’s apartment during the prologue dialog.
* Talk to Tena about Yoko in the spirit world bathhouse.
* Check Tena’s bath before leaving the spirit world bathhouse with Tanto.
* Check the sauna in the final chapter bathhouse for Tena.

-=Bonus Ending=-
* You don’t need all of these to unlock just most of them
* Check the geisha doll statue in the buffet of the witch’s house.
* Interact with Luzia’s bed in the witch’s house multiple times.
* Talk to Nura in the bath in the witch’s house.
* Give the Forest Spirit a [Bowl of Noodles].
* Check the Stranga mask in the sauna in the final bathhouse.
* Talk to Seki about the dark tunnels in Kozan.
* Talk to Kusari about who is the witch.

-=Secret Ending=-
To unlock this ending you will need to do all tasks

* Give the [Bun] to Oakie after exhausting his dialog.
* Give the talking Hoki the [Chocolate] in the middle houses in Kozan.
* Give the [Tuning Fork] to the chef stirring the pot of soup in the witch’s 
  house after using it.
* Give Kusari the [Bowl of Cod Soup].
* Give the [Bag of Rice] to the Kappo at the sewer entrance in the inner 
  city of Chikara.
* Give the [Mail] to Post Ninja in Chikara residential district.
* Give Gus the [Photo].
* Give Kubi the [Old Photo].
* Give Tanto the [Old Photo]. (This will be done automatically if in 
  inventory when seeing Tanto)
* Exhaust Noryo’s dialog options as Ash in Chikara residential area.
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