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Ashes Cricket 2009 Cheats

Ashes Cricket 2009

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

* Do not attempt to hit the ball for six when its right into your foot (Yorker).
  Instead, play aggressive shot for sweep. It works quite often.
* Try to build your confidence meter before attempting any big shots.
* When the CPU assigns defensive field, try to defend the deliveries in the 
  offside more often to clinch a single run. Remember try to clinch the single
  quickly or you will be run out.
* You will find medium fast bowlers more difficult to handle than the faster 
  ones. Do not hit slog shots. You will succeed one or two times then will 
  definitely get out.
* For Slogging, hit the ball just before it lands on the ground and you will
  find that it will reach the fence.

* Bowling spinners in limited overs games is a big mistake. The CPU finds it 
  very easy to hit you for six often. 
* Try to fill your lineup with fast bowlers or medium fast bowlers and avoid 
* Pitch the bowl slightly outside the off stump, just towards the crease line.
  Then, start with in swinger and when it is ready to pitch, change it to out 
  swinger. It will get you a lot of wickets in the slip regions and backward 
  point region.
* Other delivery to baffle the batsman by starting with Off Cutter and Bowl Leg
  Cutter at the last minute.
* Set the field where you have fielder in closing catching position and bowl 
  according to the field set. Remember the outside the off stump and out swinger
  is your delivery.
* Use the following trick to get easy wickets. Place all the fielders on the 
  boundary from third man position to mid off in custom fielding editor. Only
  place a second slip and a fielder in the off drive position inside the circle.
  Then, bowl an in swing bouncer delivery far outside the off stump close to the
  line of wide. The batsman will play a slogging shot. You can catch those shots
  in the boundary line. Do not worry about the wide run. Most of the time the 
  batsman will hit those shots in the air; try to catch it. 

Getting wickets easily:
Submitted by: Laxmi Narayan

In all the format like ashes,t20,test & one day, first of all place all the fielders
on the boundary from third man position to mid off in custom fielding editor, only 
place a 2nd slip and a fielder in the off drive position inside the circle, then bowl
an in swing bouncer delivery far outside the off stump close to the line of wide and 
the batsman will play an slogging shot and you can catch those shots in the boundary 
line, don't worry about the wide run, maximum time the batsman will hit those shots 
in the air, so try to catch it. If any problem occurs then contact me at my email.

catching / bowling:
Submitted by: ea sports director 

when ever catching the ball you must keep eye on the ring whenever it appears orange wait 
for 2 sec .cout it i your mind and then press enter that is the time the green ring appears 
you will shurely catch the ball.
if you want to take wickets select a fast bowler and then bowl the ball at the tows of the 
batsman with a specific speed for 2 or 3 balls and the change the speed to extreme low or 
high the batsman will mstime the shot and the ball will hit the stumps .
and remember there are o cheat codes of this game.

Submitted by: sridhar

hi friends there are no cheats for this game so only tricks are there follow:

you can choose the type of batting automatic or manual if you choose automatic it will be 
more easy to handle dual. use shift for backward shot and ctrl for forward shot.The wicket 
taking ball is length ball or yorker dont get fear of those type of balls if yorker is set 
for u press ctrl+side arrow and hit it straight if you go on defend the yorkers they ll bowl 
the same type of ball and the second type of wicket taking ball is hook shot move aside for 
the bouncer ball and use ur backward foot and loft it. It will be six. 

The main strategy behind playing the shots is playing fearlessly and aggressively if you go 
one attacking they will be surrendered to you.

Easy method of taking wickets is setting the fielder at long on,long off, straight,near to 
bowler on both sides,at square leg keep only three fielders inside the circle and keep the 
fielders at the boundary line as semi circle dont keep fielders behind the batsman and keep 
the indicator at the leg move it upwards till it shows green an lock it at the green region 
it will be surely wicket.
If you matched the indicator colour and locking colour it will surely a wicket.

When catching the ball, watch the ring whenever it becomes orange. Wait for two seconds 
then press [Enter] when the green ring appears.

Submitted by: khizar

while playing in a test series select a team which has more bowling power,england while 
bowling take a skilled spinner for instance g.swan while continuosly for 3 balls throw a 
top ball or off spin then then while throwing the fourth ball as a off spin turn it into a 
dsra\special ball you will get a wicket it works most of the time if any problem send me 
ur problem on my mail and there are no cheats for ashes 2009
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