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Ascend: Reborn Cheats

Ascend: Reborn

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks to Getting Started:
Written by AlienPickle

Newbie stuff you must know.

-=Before You Starting=-
* You start with 50,000 souls. Do not spend them in creation.
* You get a choice of Dark, Void, or Light. For your first character 
  pick Void.
* As Void you get a “Seeker” magic missile spell. Take your 50,000 souls 
  and invest in that spell and upgrade the damage to max.

Now you’re prepared and won’t run into “Gosh, I wish I could reset my account” 

-=Tips and Tricks=-
Do not spend souls repairing equipment. Ever. Press i for inventory, go to the 
MAP tab, and press the TAB key to recall to base. Behind you is a bridge going 
down to a forge. The forge will auto-repair everything you have equipped. Just 
give it a couple minutes, check inventory to make sure it’s done. It won’t 
repair things that aren’t worn, so you might have to swap items if you’re using 
multiple weapons etc.

Also, next to the forge are 5 dungeon doors. One is unlocked. It’s an endless 
dungeon that you can run over and over and over if you’re short on cash. Also, 
the dungeons you find out in the world can be re-run as well. The chests stay 
looted for a day then respawn, but you can farm the enemies for souls all day 

When you “ascend” a character, you get to pass on one piece of equipment. New 
characters will start with that item available. You also get to keep the spells 
from the first character, which is why you maxxed out that super OP seeker spell, 
because it can let you kite around the boss monsters and kill them. And it never 
goes away.

If you already started a character and it wasn’t void, when you ascend you can 
pick a different realm, so pick it then. Make sure you unlock the spells you want 
from your current realm before you ascend though, or you’ll have to come back for 
them with another ascension later.

When you get “invaded” it looks like a human but it’s really a bot. Human players 
do appear in your game and you can mess with each other by sending monsters into 
the other person’s instance. However, you’ll never cross swords with another 
player, only bots. It’s just very convincingly done so you think you are.

Every weapon type has different attacks and combos. Light, light, heavy attack 
for example. Very different results depending on what weapon you have equipped. 
With a 2H hammer this produces a nice 360 sweep attack.

How to Strike an Ogre Brute (with Minimal/Low Tier Magic):
Written by Craddoke

A walkthrough of how and when to strike an ogre brute to avoid getting hit for 
low level player.

-=Killing Brutes=-
This guide is for people using two handed weapons, they’re what I main in-game 
normally and these are the methods I use in order to kill brutes without issues.

First off, clear the room of any other monsters, ogre brutes can become complicated 
if other enemies are stun-locking you while you fight it.

Second, heavy strikes are your best bet when fighting an ogre, while basic strikes 
might be faster the difference won’t be enough to offset the difference in damage 
done especially without buffs.

This guide is assuming you don’t have anything buffing your attack speed, if you 
do have attack speed buffs and you have enough HP to experiment you can probably 
up your attack frequency.

-=Without Magic=-
Killing ogre brutes without magic is important to know how to do, especially if 
you started devoted to dark or void which don’t have great low-level stun spells. 
Without magic you need to constantly dodge its attacks rather then relying on stun 
locking it for a bit so it will take longer then a magic run, but if you do it 
right it should still only take 5-10 minutes depending on your damage and luck 
with its attack choice.

-=Vulnerable attacks include the following=-
Ground pound (heavy over-head ground strike): immediately after the brute preforms 
this attack you can dash/heavy attack combo to get in close and deal some damage 
then dash away immediately after. (can get a heavy attack in with attack speed buffs).

Rock throw: dash/heavy combo into it then heavy strike, immediately dash away after. 
(possible to get 2 hits in without buffs but timing would need to be perfect).

Walking: if you back up enough and the brute doesn’t throw a rock it’ll walk to 
you, if you’re good with distances this is a perfect opportunity to time a hit so 
it walks right into it, then dash away before it can swing.

-=With Magic (Low-Tier)=-
Dark magic: Basic dark magic includes 2 spells: fireball and impale. Fireball can 
be used for a bit of ranged damage, at low levels it really won’t do much but it 
can help. Impale can be used to get good hits in if done properly: at any point 
where the brute isn’t actively attacking dash/heavy combo into it then use impale, 
the brute will stumble back a step so you’ll have to make up a bit of distance to
reach with melee but then you can get another heavy hit in before dashing away 
(possible to get two without buffs but would need perfect timing)

-=Void magic=-
Basic void magic includes 2 spells: seekers and crystal storm. Crystals is a 
basic ranged damage attack, like fireball it can be used to deal some damage 
when at a range. Crystal storm can be used to get a hit in: like impale at any 
point the brute isn’t swinging dash/heavy combo into it and use crystal storm 
to make the brute stumble, move closer and hit a heavy strike before immediately 
dashing away. (if the brute’s next attack is the scream then it might still hit 
you, crystal storm isn’t as good as impale for stumbling the ogre)

-=Light magic=-
Basic light magic includes 2 spells: ionized bolt and brilliant strike. Ionized 
bolt is probably the best spell for stun-locking the ogre, dash/heavy combo into 
the ogre and hit it with a bolt then you can get up to 3 heavy hits before 
needing to dash away (2 hits is probably safer especially without practice). 
Brilliant strike can do a good bit of damage, one good way to safely use this 
is to rush in/stun with ionized bolt/cast brilliant strike/dash away.
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