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Arthurs Knights 2 - The Secret of Merlin Cheats

Arthurs Knights 2 - The Secret of Merlin

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

* Speak to everyone about all subjects. Sometimes subjects are added during 
  your conversations. Make sure you have exhausted all possibilities before 
  you leave an area so you do not miss valuable clues. Check often for new 
  conversation icons that are added. These can further game play and, likewise, 
  will not let you progress if you miss certain clues within conversations. 
  Sometimes you may need to start a conversation with a character before you
  can ask them about a subject. Continue speaking to them as subjects are 
  added until they become available to ask about. 

* If a conversation icon is darkened, it means one of two things: either you 
  cannot speak to that particular person about that subject, or there is 
  something you must do first before you can ask someone about that subject.
  Sometimes, it is just a matter of speaking to a person before the subject 
  will become available.

* During gameplay, not all written words are spoken. 

* Some inventory items are transferred automatically to characters when you 
  speak to them. In other instances, you may need to show the item to the 
  character first.

* Destination icons may only be accessed when Bradwen is in traveling mode 
  (on his horse). 

* Save often! Bradwen meets many challenges and obstacles that can easily take
  his life and subsequently end the game. 

* Unless otherwise indicated, all directions are character based (i.e. right 
  is the character’s right, and, likewise, if the character is on horseback).

* Corwyn is Bradwen’s squire in both stories. You will only occasionally see 
  his figure (except in special circumstances) but he is always by Bradwen’s 
  side offering observations. 

* During some segments, the Interface Bar is not accessible to you. You will
  have to complete that segment before you can access the Interface Bar. 

To Begin the Story
Control the page to stand before Mr. Foulque. Speak to him until he suggests 
you choose a book. The player then has the option to choose which story he/she
would like told by selecting one of the books in the room. The white book tells
the tale of Bradwen, loyal defender of the faith to the one Christian god. 
The red book tells the story of Bradwen the Celt, adhering to the worship of 
the ancient goddesses. 

Go over to the lecterns. Stand in front of the book of the story you would like
told. Press the action key to take one of the books and give one of the the 
books to Master Foulque and the game will continue.
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