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Artist Life Simulator Cheats

Artist Life Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Surviving:
Written by hamsterHEARTSbeef

Some tips on how to survive.

-=Before You Start=-
This game is pure unadulterated RNG. But there are some things you 
can do to increase your chances of survival.

-=Donít Sell That 1st Painting
Get creeping poverty before selling your first painting. Because creeping 
poverty doesnít evolve back into cost of life on its own, takes 1 coin every 
60 seconds and doesnít give you any negative conditions on itís own it is 
even better than getting the increased life cycle timer.

-=What You Need to Unlock as Soon as Possible=-
Unlock the Drugstore, liquor Store, Pawn Shop, Bar, the Park and the Ocean 
as well as getting any upgrades that increase timers and the good listener 

The Park and Ocean For Health, Sanity, Passion and Emotions

Try to mostly stick to the park and the ocean. Both can give you health, 
sanity and passion.

The park gives more health and mostly green emotions (including energized 
that decreases painting duration if painted with). It has a small chance 
to produce the red emotions attraction, lust and courage but sanity is hard 
to come by and the green emotions are usually weaker and some have very 
short life spams 30~40s.

The ocean gives more sanity and mostly blue emotions, the yellow emotion 
delight and some green emotions including the uncommon lvl3 admiration of 
nature. Blue emotions tend to be long lasting 40+s and several come out 
as lvl2 but the Ocean is much less likely to give health and will not 
produce any red emotions.

-=Protecting And Nurturing Emotions And Ideas=-
If you are painting with, thinking about or talking about an emotion(s) 
or idea(s) you will not get them from events but a new unwarted contrition 
canít take them away either.

If you get an emotion you already have from an event that isnít in use, 
the timer will reset and the emotions will increase by 1 lvl but if you 
have a lot of blue or green emotions in use, donít visit the ocean (blue) 
or park (green) because you are only increasing your chances of an 
unwanted condition.

If you get an idea you already have (in use or not), you will get an 
unevolved version of the card.

Because unwanted conditions can happen and take your unused emotion(s) 
at any time it is better to keep and evolve 2~3 higher lvl emotions than 
to have many lvl1 and lvl2 emotions just sitting there. Same for idea(s) 
but ideas donít have timers and are fairly easy to get by talking to 
someone with an idea.

-=Avoiding Unwatend Conditions And Habits=-
There is no fool proof way to avoid every unwanted condition and bad 
habit but you can minimize how many bad events you are likely to get 
while building up your health, sanity, passion, wealth and reputation.

* Avoiding reading.
* Getting and keeping the creeping poverty card.
* Having at least 2~4 friends.
* Not consuming alcohol.
* Not visiting the Plaza or Dark Alleyways.
* Not wasteing your time visiting the mountains.
* Taking care of unwanted conditions, illnesses and bad habits as 
  soon as they happen.
* Only thinking about emotions, ideas, unwanted conditions, bad 
  habits, cost of life cards and game progress cards.
* Regularly selling your art to the art gallery.

-=Job Opertunities=-
Ignore job opportunities unless you happen to have one already or you 
are very strapped for coin and have nothing to sell in the city or to 
the pawn shop as taking a job wonít guarantee income.

-=What You Donít Need To Unlock (right away)=-
The Bookstore, Concert Hall, Corner Doctor, Dark Alleyways, Mountains, 
the Plaza and Reading are not needed early game.

While the Plaza has many red and yellow emotions as well as some green 
ones and invite letters it and The Dark Alleyways (many victory ideas) 
are far too risky in the early game so ignore it for now.

Reading should be avoided in the early game because it can create bad 
conditions you donít have the resouces to deal with. The rest are only 
useful for evolving specific friendships.

Every emotion in the game is easy to get with the exception of Love. 
It can be obtained from the Muse upgrade.
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