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Artifact Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Free Tickets or Cards for Free:
Written by Zeption

First thing! Artifact uses the Market! Yes, the Market this is how we get 
Free tickets or cards how you say! O my dear let me tell you!

Just play any other game on Steam and get cards or items from TF2, Dota 2 
or whatever then sell them, yep! Now go to Artifact buy 20 of any card that 
cost little to nothing and recycle them! And there you go 1 Free Ticket.

Now everycard game lets you pay with time and you can do it here too thx to 
the Market it ain't really free but lets be honest it ain't in the others 
games you have to spend the time either way.

Also lets be honest you don't need to be a genius to do this... 
But lots of people belive that they can't get cards or tickets "free" and 
what they mean by free is not using the creditcard this is why I did this 

Also I just play Casual Draft because it's free and I don't care about ranked, 
Praise Valve!

How to Enable the Dev Console:
Written by loodby

Learn how to access the hidden dev console, letting you to change 
game variables and do other things.

By accessing and using the dev console you are cheating. You can use it 
to mess around with the game but it is not a legitimate way to play the 
game, at least in my opinion. Use it at your own will.

In case you just need a little nudge about how to unlock the dev console, 
feel free to look at the spoilers in this section.

* Everything you need is in your house.
* Mikah is actually a very good hacker.
* The console is available somewhere in your computer.
* Pay attention to the little details in Mikahís room.
* You are looking for a 4 digit number.

-=Step by step=-
To unlock the dev console, follow the instructions in the following spoiler.

* Head to your home. You need full access to the house 
  (be able to freely walk around and interact).
* Head to the upstairs hallway and into your bedroom.
* Open your laptop. Once youíre in it, try to switch profiles from the 
  left menu.
* It will ask you for a 4 digit number. Punch in 1937 and enter the profile.
* Select the dev console from the left menu. 
  You now have access to the dev console!

-=Using the dev console=-
Once you access the dev console, you can access it again at any time through 
the pause menu. With the dev console you can do things like change your 
current money, suspicion, the current day and time, NPC arousal and more. 
You can also fast travel to several locations around the game (mainly 
throughout the campus), or even modify some event flags. You canít change 
everything in the game through it, but it still allows you to mess with 
the game in very significant ways.
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