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Artifact Adventure Cheats

Artifact Adventure

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

True Ending Path:
To unlock the final dungeon of the game, and the true ending path, 
reach any of the two final boss battles of the game, and lose the 
battle. Any choice or previous enemy defeated is inconsequential, 
as long as you trigger one of those battles. After being revived, 
head to the port south of Loutenreck at night, and talk to the 
guard to abandon your adventure. Instead of triggering the bad/ 
giving up ending, these two conditions (having lost to a final 
boss, and talking at night) will prompt the guard to ask you to
explore a new location instead. 

This location is the final dungeon of the game, which, when contains 
a lot of new artifacts, items, and challenges, and when completed 
gives closure to the game's story. If you have to leave it for w
hatever reason, you can just talk to the guard again at nights to 
access it again (talking during the day can still be used to trigger
the bad ending). The true ending path can be accessed regardless 
of the bonus picked at the beginning of the game. Specifically, 
the Key of Time has some very vague hints to it, however it isn't 
necessary at all to trigger the events.
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