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A Rose in the Twilight Cheats

A Rose in the Twilight

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K 

Blood Memories Locations:
Written by larcek

All Blood Memories are in progressive Order. Early Game you might be able to miss 
certain Elements, though you will later always be able to redo rooms over.

Soldierís Memory: Dungeon 2
Prisonerís Memory: Dungeon 3
Gardenerís Memory: Dungeon 6
Sisterís Memory: Armory 3
Guardís Memory: Armory 4
Wardenís Memory: Armory 5
Nurseís Memory: Courtyard 2
Maidís Memory: Courtyard 4
Kingís Memory: Courtyard 5
Old Scriptís Memory: Library 2
Head Maidís Memory: Library 4
Old Bookís Memory: Private Room
Roseís Memory: Throne (After Rescuing Rose)
Artisanís Memory: Clock Tower 1
Blancís Memory: Clock Tower Upper Level (After Defeating Blanc)
Gatekeeperís Memory: Castle Gate Corridor
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