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Army Corps Of Hell Cheats

Army Corps Of Hell

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter one of the following case-sensitive passwords to unlock the 
corresponding mantle, with corresponding music track.

Mantle                Password
Gouls Attack!       - G75i8K8a
GxSxD               - GUK218Jh
King's-Evil         - KB2p3tAs
Knights Of Round    - K77w3P5a
Rachel Mother Goose - RJ53z42i
Rebel-Survive       - S4R29dlu
United              - U541337k

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation Vita trophy rewards. 

Lord of Tartarus (Gold)   - Cleared all Tartarus stages (31-40).
Infamy of Tartarus (Gold) - Cleared a Tartarus stage (31-40) with an 
                            overall platinum rating.
Pinnacle of Gore (Gold)   - Exceeded 66,666 jewels in your possession.
Cleanser of Hell (Gold)   - Crushed 3,000 foes.
Alchemist of Hell (Gold)  - Alchemized all possible weapons, armor, and items.
Purgatory's Magi (Silver) - Cleared a Purgatory stage (21-30) with magi only.
Grim Trailer (Silver)     - Achieved an overall platinum rating ten or more times.
Eternal Reaper (Silver)   - Crushed 1,000 foes.
Demon God's Bane (Silver) - Defeated all bosses.
Sage of Swords (Silver)   - Alchemized all weapons and armor for soldiers.
Sage of Spears (Silver)   - Alchemized all weapons and armor for spearmen.
Sage of Staffs (Silver)   - Alchemized all weaons and armor for magi. 
Lord of Hell (Bronze)     - Cleared up to stage 20.
Hell's Soldiers (Bronze)  - Cleared a stage between 11 and 20 with soldiers only.
Hell's Spearmen (Bronze)  - Cleared a stage between 11 and 20 with spearmen only.
Hell's Magi (Bronze)      - Cleared a stage between 11 and 20 with magi only.
Infamy of Hell (Bronze)   - Cleared a stage between 11 and 20 with an overall 
                          - platinum rating.
Hell's Serenader (Bronze) - Achieved the maximum rating (excellent) in one of 
                            the musical instrument mini-games.
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