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Arma Reforger Cheats

Arma Reforger

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Mouse Binding Guide:
Written by -OrLoK- 

This is how you can bind your mouse.

Fiddling with the Files
Lets get into it.

The file that holds the keybinds is:

It usually lives in a folder like this, but may differ slightly to yours:

C:\Users\orlok\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\ArmaReforger\profile
Thats the file we need to edit.

But not yet!

Firtsly go into the game. 
Go to the keymapper where you can assign keys and assign what you want to 
edit to any key of your choice.

We do this as only changes appear in the file we want to edit. 
So if we dont change them, we cant edit them.

Ok do that and then close the game and come back.

All done?

Ok open up 
".chimeraUserInput.conf" in a text editor and youll see some lines like:

Action GadgetActivate {
InputSource InputSourceSum "{596338A5C44E5693}" {
Sources {
InputSourceValue "{596338A5C44E5751}" {
Input "keyboard:KC_NUMPAD8"

This one is showing we press numpad 8 to activate your gadget.

Now we change the input value to one that represents the mouse.

So this

Input "keyboard:KC_NUMPAD8"
Becomes this

Input "mouse:button1"
The values iíve found are:

Experiment and add to taste.

Then save the file and play the game!

How to fix infinite/stuck loading bug:
Written by Nullicide

A workaround for the infinite/stuck loading bug that has seemingly not been 
spoken on how to workaround it much.

-=Just some "info"=-
Not sure if it only happens to me but itís here anyway in case someone else has 
this problem. Also Iím refraining from saying a "fix" when it doesnít permanently
fix it, itís just a workaround for the time being.
It should also be noted Iíve only played on my own so this might only occur when 
playing single player.

-=The fix=-
A work around for the infinite/stuck loading bug 
(usually looks like the black screen with the loading icon not moving):

* Press ESC and wait, the loading icon should start moving meaning it is 
  now actually loading.
* When you close the pause menu the cursor will still be on screen. 
  To fix this open and close your map (M key)

Note: The map (and objectives in conflict) will look broken upon first opening 
on the map. But once you close the map it should go back to normal

-=Thatís it=-
Hopefully this helps anyone else having this same problem
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