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Arcade America Cheats

Arcade America

Cheat Codes:
Press ESC, type "7th" and enter the Codes, after entering the code 
press Enter,  Joey will say "Cool" if it worked.

Result                    Code
Extra life              - angel
10 extra lives          - makeawish
50 extra lives          - ilovejoey
10 extra bullets        - gimmeammo
100 extra bullets       - blastem
500 extra bullets       - goldengun
Invincibility           - omnijoey
Special item            - urhopeless
Fly mode                - fatboycantjump
Full health             - halejoey
Warp to Alcatraz        - warp2sinners
Warp to Las Vegas       - warp2slots
Warp to Grand Canyon    - warp2gorge
Warp to Mt. Rushmore    - warp2faces
Warp to Oklahoma        - warp2mudpit
Warp to Alamo           - warp2gunfight
Warp to Mardi Gras      - warp2dolls
Warp to Miami           - warp2resort
Warp to Washington D.C. - warp2whouse
Warp to New York        - warp2theapple
Warp to Woodstock       - warp2wcool
Road to Las Vegas       - road2slots
Road to Grand Canyon    - road2gorge
Road to Mt. Rushmore    - road2faces
Road to Oklahoma        - road2mudpit
Road to Alamo           - road2gunfight
Road to Mardi Gras      - road2dolls
Road to Miami           - road2resort
Road to Washington D.C. - road2whouse
Road to New York        - road2theapple
Road to Woodstock       - road2thegig
10 minute location time - gimmetime
0 points                - noscore
30 sec location time    - notime
No bullets              - nobullets
25% health              - nohealth
Toggle pull item wiggle - togglewiggle
Toggle shoot down       - maverick

Submitted by: Ivan Dincov Ivanov

Las Vegas Password    - RESH2CH0S3
Grand Canyon Password - TR2F4AUYQ5
Mt. Rushmore Password - TYEF4AEYQ5
Oklahoma Password     - BLSXMSFKCH
Alamo Password        - C42UPRWJBO
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