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Apex Point Cheats

Apex Point

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

First play-through guide:
Written by Damon Salvatore

This is a step by step guide for the first play-through.

-=Garage Mechanics=-
* Press mouse right click to toggle the cursor
* Left click while aiming on a part to remove it
* Press "F" while aiming on a part to open it 
  (Such as the doors, hood, trunk,...etc)
* Click on the top-left icon in the garage to open the inventory 
  (It will only show if you have a part in the inventory)
* Press on a part from the inventory to install it 
  (an tip will appear if you tried to mount a wrong part)
* Approach the lift and press "F" to use it
* Approach the computer and press "F" to use it
* Approach the toolbox and press "F" to switch between the tools. The wrench 
  is used to install/remove a part, the screwdriver is to fine tune some parts
  (such as ECU, adjustable coil-overs, steering rack, turbo boost, tire 
  pressure,...etc), and finally the paint-gun is to paint the car in the 

-=Paint-Booth Mechanics=-
* Press on a color then on a material from the top to select the color and 
  paint material you want
* Left click on each part you want to paint in order to apply the paint 
  (and you can press "F" to open parts like the hood in order to paint 
  engine parts)
* Heavily rusted parts must be replaced by a brand new part from the shop in 
  order for it to be painted properly

-=Dyno Mechanics=-
* Start the car by pressing "i" then apply throttle and keep shifting up till 
  you reach the longest gear then do a full throttle run from low rpm till the 
  limiter so that you get accurate results on the dyno
* If the clutch maximum torque is lower than the vehicle's torque the clutch 
  will start slipping which will lower the performance when driving the car

-=Used Car Dealer Mechanics=-
* Every time you enter the dealer the available cars will spawn randomly
* If a car has license plates (registered car) it will be sold for more money 
  but if it doesn't (its unregistered) then it will be sold for almost half 
  the price
* You can press "F" to interact with open-able car parts
* If you own a car it will be on the left spot of the parking lot and you can 
  sell it from there
* Approach a car to know its stats and you will be able to buy it/sell it

-=Driving gameplay=-
* Hold "i" to start the car
* Check the controls settings in order to be able to rebind all the controls 
  to your preference
* You can adjust the steering assists, drift assists, transmission mode, and 
  other assists in game settings
* If you are using a steering wheel with FFB then make sure you disable the 
  steering assist and drift assist first, and if you experience low FPS when 
  driving or FFB is not working then please adjust the "FFB Device" setting 
  in the game settings till it works as it selects which device will receive
  the FFB from all the connected devices
* If you roll the car over you can pause the game and press on the garage 
  button to teleport back to the garage

-=Making Money=-
* Currently there are a few ways to make money in the game
* Drag race event on top of the multi-store parking lot which gives money  
  the lower the time is (follow the mini-map icon)
* Drift event behind the used car dealer which gives money based on the points 
  (follow the mini-map icon)
* Delivery job in the building right in-front of the garage which gives money 
  based on the trunk volume of the car (follow the mini-map icon)
* You can restore registered cars from the used car dealer
* You can buy unregistered cars and part it out (sell all parts in the garage) 
  and then sell the car as a bare chassis at the used car dealer afterwards

-=Settings Description=-
* You can hover on each setting in game and video settings in order to know 
  what does it affect

-=Important notes=-
* If you experience lags only when driving then go to Settings -> Game settings 
  -> FFB Device and change the value till it gets fixed
* Every time you load the game the cars are automatically parked in your parking 
  lot so you have to hover over the parking button (on the top right side) and 
  click on it to show the available parked cars
* Please check the game and video settings as it contains lots of useful settings 
  that will adjust the game based on the preference of the player such as steering
  assists, camera distance and height, FOV, toggling HUD,.. etc

-=File path Photo-mode pictures=-
* Documents/Apex Point/Screenshots

-=Save file path=-
* C:\Users\name\AppData\LocalLow\Apex Studio\Apex Point
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