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Anthropocene Epoch Cheats

Anthropocene Epoch

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Password List:
Written by Hyper

A list of all passwords needed to progress through the main story.

The passwords do not change from playthrough to playthrough, so here are 
all of the required passwords in order, including where to use them and 
where to find them.

* Used to enter the elevator at the end of Sonoma Bunker Level 1. 
* The password can be found on a desk in the right room on the other side 
  of the reactor. 
* A cutscene will play when entering the room, revealing the number.

* Used to enter the elevator at the end of Sonoma Bunker Level 2. 
* The password can be found on a desk in the second room on the left after 
  going up the stairs.

* Used to unlock the door to the maintenance area in Sonoma Bunker Level 3. 
* The password can be found on the desk in the control room before entering 
  Level 3, and thus can be a little problematic.

* Used to unlock the door to the Mantis Ship Bridge on the very last level. 
* The password can be found on a PDA just before the door.
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