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Anomaly 2 Cheats

Anomaly 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

"Money Is Everything", and "They're Mine, Mine!" achievements:
* Find a checkpoint with Carusaurum nearby, such as in Mission 5. Collect the 
  Carusaurum units, then select the "Restart from last checkpoint" option, and 
  collect them again.

* Play Mission 14 on the Normal difficulty. Do a fast run only for Carusaurum 
  units, then replay the mission. This requires between five and seven minutes 
  and results in 90 units of Carusaurum per run. A recommended loadout is Heavy 
  Support, Rocket Hammer, Shield Guard, Sledge Hammer, and Shadow Servant.

Easy "One Shot Is All I Need" achievement:
Play with another player. Purchase the Sledge Hammer, and upgrade it to the 
maximum level. Use the AIM ability on the generator. You can also use Drone 
support and learn the AIM improvement on the Level 5 technology to increase 
your AIM damage.
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