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Anime Studio Tycoon Cheats

Anime Studio Tycoon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Gameplay Basics (with Tips and Tricks):
Written by True Seria

-=Gameplay Tips=-
* To change employee's position from one room to another, select him and 
  Icons will appear where workstation is empty.
* You can close any popUps or window using the Escape key.
* In the distributor panel, before making any decision click on the 
  country's name, It will show you important stats.
* If you hate camera movement when selecting a room, there's an option 
  available in settings which will disable this behaviour.
* Press C to place door.

In real-world Anime's are made to push manga's popularity and its sales. 
AST follows the same rule. Manga market in-game is simulated. The author is 
the most important part of the manga. Every week new manga's published or 
some even go on hiatus it depends on Author's personality. His hiatus time 
is also co-related to that. When manga is on hiatus and doesn't have enough 
content you cant make anime on it. If Anime on certain Manga became popular 
it will boost its sale. This is the major part of the source of income for 
any company. In-game it is shown by domestic income.

If your reputation is low there is tiny chance of getting a license. For 
manga's with A+ rating, your reputation should be at least 4Star. Also the 
NA status comes up if anime is already in development for certain manga.
Max royalty you will get is 15% (From manga sales) also you need to pay 
upfront money which depends upon the rating of the manga.

Investor can fund your project if you are short of the money. Or generally,
as anime is high-risk product companies come together and form Production 
committee to reduce loss. While negotiating with investor's you can make 
suggest them certain per cent from total cost you want them to cover.

Note that in early-stage even if you give investor 100% royalty from internet 
section or from Live Ent section he will refuse because those segments worth 
little compare to Merchandise or Manga sales. Internet will get evolved from 
end 1990s. You can check if the current market share of each segment in the 
market section.

-=Market Simulation=-
Anime market was around $19bn in 2019. To make the game more realistic I 
tried to make the same market cap. When you start in 1980 market segments 
like the Internet, Live Ent is non-existant so most of the income you will 
get via Merch sales or DVD sales throughout years Market cap for foreign 
income will increase tremendously. Mostly after 1995 so income from those 
countries will increase. It is particularly helpful while making the decision 
of releasing anime in different countries for Ex Distributing it in China 
before 2000 is a mistake but after 2008 china's market will boom. 
An important factor to consider is to see growth ratio in market column.
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