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Animator vs. Animation Cheats

Animator vs. Animation

Unlocking the laser gun:
This can be done by scoring 2000 points with the animator using normal tools.

Use the laser gun:
This is a little tricky to use, but once you get the hang of it you will get 
an absolute ton of points. The lowest I have ever seen for the laser gun is 
3000 points and the highest I have seen is 9000.

This game has two unlockable secrets:

-=Secret 1)=-
See all the moves the Animation can perform. 
(Unlock by getting 8000 points on Animation).

-=Secret 2=-
Get 15,000 points with both the Animator and Animation. 
(This must be done on Full Screen mode).

Big guy:
You need the 2 secrets to do this. Go to secrets and keep on pressing the 1st
secret 2 times. Then press the 2nd secret 2 times. Then play animator Vs 
animation.What will happen is the animation will turn big and you cannot attack.

Gameplay hints for animation:
Submitted by: mr. slammer

Pick the black cursor thing, then shoot the things in up of the field. Black 
"cursor" thing can used as rapid fire. If the animator using brush and painting
wall to front of the things, go to the platform in left up and its easier shoot
from there. Animation can breathe fire by pressing "E" key. 
You can hijack guns with.
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