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Andor: The Cards of Wonder Cheats

Andor: The Cards of Wonder

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Keyword Definitions:
Written by Fish Fart

This guide lists the current keyword definitions within the game.

Aging: Creatures which receive its combat damage will get -1/-1 

Blessing: When this creature deals combat damage, you gain equivalent life 

Camouflage: Can't be targeted by opponent. 

Charge: Creatures with Charge can be deployed on the battlefront and attack immediately. 

Critical Hit: Double the damage it deals. 

Deadly: Destroy any creature damaged by it. 

Die: triggering certain skills when it dies. 

Double Strike: This creature can attack the same target twice each turn 

Emerge: When the card turns from the back to the front, it triggers the special skills 

Exhaustion: after being used, the card can not do other action anymore in the same turn 

Exile: The exiled cards will completely disappear in the duel. 

First Strike: When fighting, it will reverse the relationship between Attackers and 
Defenders, and deals combat damage prior to creatures without this skill 

Flash: Can be used in the defense phase 

Flying: When this creature attack in your turn, it canít be striked back by creatures 
without the Flying or Reach skill 

Guardian: This creature can't attack 

Instant: The card effect will be executed immediately without entering the Spell Area. 

Legend: If you have a legendary creature on your field, you can't summon another 
legendary creature of the same name from the hand. 

Mobility: This creature can move to next available position immediately, but the move 
will be exhausted. 

Reach: Can strike back creatures with flying skill. 

Shield: Reduce the combat damage it gets. Shield effect can be superimposed. 

Suckblood: When attacks, if it deals combat damage, it will get equivalent life to itself 

Sweep: Only effective when the creature is an attacker. Will deal additional damamge to 
adjacent creatures beside the target. 

Trample: When attacks,if the combat damage is enough to destroy the defender,the rest 
of its damage will be dealed to the creature or opponent behind the.

Unstoppable: When it attacks on battlefront, if it destroys the defender, it will deal 
damage which is equal to its power to the opponent 

Vigilance: This creature does not automatically moves forward. 

Wreck: When attacks, if the defender has the domain,it will deal x extra damage.
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