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Amulets & Armor Cheats

Amulets & Armor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana

Knowing all the spells of the mage class without finding the Journals:
This is a DOS based game but very interesting and adventurous.
In the create character screen just select a warrior namely (Paladin 
or Knight) & proceed your quest. In this game mages are very powerful 
in casting spells than paladin or knight. But the journals that are 
needed to cast the spell are located in a well-protected & guarded place 
where a mage cannot enter and fight the enemies because his strength is 
very low but with the help of paladin or knight you can easily everyone 
guarding the journal and get it. If the journal is not suitable for the 
warrior class but only for the mage class it doesn't matter, Just note 
down the symbols of the journal in a piece of paper. Now start a new 
character with a mage click the runes (symbols) on the screen in such 
a way you noted in the piece of paper and press the ENTER key or click 
on the CAST to cast the spell. Presto!!! Here's the spell. 
If more doubts persists, Mail me.

Learn mage spells easily:
Select a Paladin or Knight at the character creation screen. Fight 
through the locations where the mage spell journals are found. Make
a note of the symbols needed to cast each spell. Then, start a new
game as a mage. Activate the symbols noted earlier to begin with the
spells already learned.
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