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Alpha Prime Cheats

Alpha Prime

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F3] during game play to display the console 
window. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes then press [Enter].

Codes                  Efffect
CheatNextLevel 1     - Skips a level
CheatNextLevel 0     - Turns it off
CheatWeapons 1       - Gives all weapons
CheatWeapons 1       - Turns it off
CheatAmmo 1          - Gives all ammo
CheatAmmo 0          - Turns it off 
CheatImmortality 1   - Gives unlimited energy 
CheatImmortality 0   - Turns it off 
CheatHubbardium 1    - Gives extra powers 
CheatHubbardium 0    - Turns it off 
CheatHealth 1        - Gives extra energy 
CheatHealth 0        - Turns it off 
PlayerMaxOxygen #    - Set the maximum oxygen you can store (default = 100)
NoOxygenHurtTime #   - Set the rate of health decrease when oxygen runs out
NoOxygenHealthDown # - Set the amount of health decrease when oxygen runs out
help                 - Display game web links
showai               - Toggle Show AI on/off
leach                - Jump to the next level (mission)
rasputin             - Immortality
xylophone            - Get all 8 Weapons
fodder               - Get 100,000 ammo for each weapon that you currently have
quack                - Get maximum health
coke                 - Set bullet time remaining to maximum
AlphaPrimeVersion    - Display game version

You can turn it ON/OFF as much as you like. 
REMEMBER to use casesensitive!
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