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Alien Hallway Cheats

Alien Hallway

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Bonek

Achievements List:
Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the number of
Gamerscore points.

Achievement             How to unlock
Air force             - Upgrade airstrike till 7th level.
Air supply            - Use airstrike 100 times.
Armada                - Call for 50 friendly units.
Blood Lust            - Kill 100 aliens.
Bloodbath             - Kill 1000 aliens.
Elite only!           - Call for 5 Heavy laser gunners during the battle.
Extreme               - Win the battle with lower than 50% health level
                        of your base.
Fire in the hole      - Throw 300 grenades.
Good start            - Liberate the first planet.
Great commander       - Upgrade all friendly units till 4th level.
Hell                  - Call for 20 Flamethrowers during the battle.
Invincible            - Complete any level of the last planet without loss
                        of friendly units.
Liberator             - Complete all game levels.
Master of defense     - Upgrade the base till 5th level.
Mean                  - Accumulate 1000 energy units during the battle 
                        (can't be achieved on "Resources refill" and 
                        "Final Step" levels).
Numerical Superiority - Call for 20 friendly units during the battle.
Perfectionist         - Get 5 stars for all game levels.
Phantom warrior       - Have 10 Snipers simultaneously present during the battle.
Professional          - Complete the game on extreme level of difficulty.
Specialist            - Upgrade one unit till 10th level.
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