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Alchemy Cheats


Element Combinations:
Submitted by: BoneK

Create the following elements by combining the corresponding ingredients?

1UP                  Life Mushroom
Alcohol              Fire Water
Algae                life water
Ash                  Fire Worm
Bacteria             Life Swamp
Beach                Water Sand
Brick house          Brick Concrete
Brick                Clay Fire
Butterfly            Air Worm
Carbon Dioxide       Oxygen Man
Caviar               Fish Fish; or Fish Egg
Cement               Clay Limestone
Chicken              Egg Life
City                 Skyscraper Skyscraper
Clay                 Sand Swamp
Coal                 Fire Tree
Coin                 Mario Brick
Concrete             Cement Water
Continent            Country Country
Corpse               Fire Man
Country              City City
Dilemma              Egg Chicken
Dinosaur             Earth Egg
Dust                 Air Earth
Egg                  Life Stone
Electricity          Energy Metal
Energy               Air Fire
Fire elemental       Fire Life
Fish                 Snake Water
Flu                  Air Bacteria
Fossil               Butterfly Earth
Frankenstein         Corpse Electricity
Geyser               Steam Earth
Glass                Fire Sand
Golem                Clay Life
Grave                earth corpse
Hourglass            Glass Sand
Iodine               Algae Fire
Lamp                 Fire Glass
Lava                 Earth Fire
Lichen               Mushroom Algae
Life                 Energy Swamp
Limestone            Shells Stone
Man                  Golem Life
Mario                1UP Man
Metal                Fire Stone
Mite                 Life Dust
Molotov cocktail     Fire Alcohol
Mud                  Dust Water
Mushroom             Earth Algae
Omelet               Egg Fire
Oxygen and hydrogen  Water Electricity
Oxyhydrogen          Oxygen Hydrogen
Ozone                Oxygen Electricity
Planet               Continent Continent
Plankton             Bacteria Water
Russia               Vodka Country
Rust                 water metal
Sand                 Stone Water; or Air Stone
Seed                 Life Sand
Sex                  Man Man
Shells               Plankton Stone
Skyscraper           Brick House Glass
Snake                Sand Worm
Steam                Air Water
Stone                Air Lava
Storm                Air Energy
Swamp                Earth Water
Tree                 Earth Seed
Typhoon              Storm Water
Vodka                Alcohol Water
Worm                 Earth Plankton
Yoshi                1UP Egg

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