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Aground Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hybrid Path Guide:
Written by Jaggard.

-=The Begining Of The Hybrid Path=-
To start you need to go up the tech line until you get the Mecha Worm 
from the surgery lab, and go up the magic line until you get your first 
Evo Gem. Once you have gotten both of those, use the Evo Gem on the 
Mecha Worm to make a Mecha Dragon. Then you need to talk to the Alchemist 
on the home island and he will move to the Mirrows lab.

After that, you need to make the Bombardement Shield (I highly suggest 
making the Patrol Ship before making the Bombardement Shield, so that 
you can get more exotic matter to make more power cores). Then, to 
create a Mecha Dragon Ship, you first need to make a dragon ship, then 
another Mecha Dragon so you can use it to make a Mecha Dragon Ship.

To meet the unique Hybrid path NPC, you need to fly your Mecha Dragon 
Ship down onto the gas giant in the starting solar system, there you 
will discover that it is not a gas giant it was just disguised as one. 
To activate the monolith there, you must go to The Depths, and finish 
all the quests there.

-=The End Of The Hybrid Path=-
To finish the game the Hybrid path way you need to go to the Enemy HQ 
and do the Magic Seed quest, after that you need to talk to the teacher 
and finish his quests, and you will finish the game! By the way, there 
is a lot more cool stuff and quests but I am not going to tell you all 
of it because I donít want to spoil it for you.

One final note: if you want to finish the game the hybrid way, you will 
have to make sure you do not kill the last boss!
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