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Age of Wonders Cheats

Age of Wonders

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by RickHH

First, start the game with the command line parameter of beatrix. You may 
do this  by modifying your shortcut to the game. Your game directories may 
vary from our example. (ie: "C:\Age of Wonders\aow.exe" beatrix)

Then you may press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C (you should hear a PING noise) 
while playing to enter the following cheats: 

Code            Result
gold          - 1000 Gold Pieces.
mana          - 1000 Mana Crystals.
fog           - Toggle Fog on/off.
explore       - Toggle Exploration.
spells        - Research All Spells.
win           - Completes the Level.
lose          - Lose the Level.
freemove      - Free Movement.
towns         - Ownership of All Independent Towns.
research      - Research ALl Spells.

* The AI is attracted to your hero in tactical combat. Use your hero to
  lure enemy units into a killing zone of ranged fire. For nonhero fights,
  this trick works with a ranged unit out front. Retreat your siege engines
  from combat as soon as the wall is breached. They are too expensive to 
  be destroyed by token infantry attacks. 

* Migrate friendly citizens to every city you conquer unless you are in a
  big hurry or need gold immediately, in which case, you should just loot.
  Never raze, unless it is a victory condition. 

Most powerful leader:
In scenario mode, when you use a customized leader give him Atk 7, Def 7,
Dmge 6, and Life Stealing. He does not need anything else. Note: This is 
for a dwarf; other leaders might have 1 or 2 points difference on Atk or 
Dmge; do not get rid of Life Stealing or Def. You should also give him 
the following spheres: 4 Air, 3 Fire. Air has Chain Lightning, Haste, and
Windwalking. Fire has Fire Halo and some good offensive spells. Attack 
enemies with your hero, He will be able to destroy almost anything. When
he levels up, give him full Def then Wall Climbing and Round Attack. Do 
not give him Archery or some form of a ranged attack, because in automatic
battles he will use those and Life Stealing will not do anything. It is 
the most important thing about the leader. When your leader has full Def
and Wall Climbing, give him better Atk, Dmge, and Resistance. At about 
level 11, your leader will be strong enough to take on groups larger than
15 and leader's bases. You should also give him abilities like Extra Strike
and Parry later. Remember, spellcasting is not a large part of this leader.
The best place to use this leader would be Oracles Eye, because there are 
plenty of opponents. At the end of the scenario your leader will be 
slightly higher than level 20. Remember to attack almost only with your

Looking inside a monster lair:
If you want to know what kind of enemies there are in a monster 
lair/crypt/similar, just enter it with a battering ram and choose 
"Fast combat". The fast combat screen pops up with all fighting units,
including the ones defending the lair, and your battering ram flees 
from the battle.
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