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Age of Darkness: Final Stand Cheats

Age of Darkness: Final Stand

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginnerís Tips and Guide:
Written by Mogsetsu.

-=Opportunity Cost=-
Donít get distracted and let your resources reach the cap, especially 
at first. Build a logging camp well before you run out of wood. This 
means only 1 or 2 houses or food production buildings. Rush exploring 
to find a good spot for a logging camp. Pay attention to the rating. 
If you can get it in the 19-24 range, youíll be set for a while with 
just one. You probably donít need more than two of these.

Your next priority is gathering stones. You may find a vein of 3-5 
right near the base. Only build on this if you canít find a better one 
nearby. Each building has upkeep and you are committing pop to it.
 Maximize your yield vs cost vs pop by building on the best vein you 
can secure. Try to scout for this quickly.

-=Map Generation=-
If you canít find more than a 4 tile stone vein within a reasonable 
distance from your base, consider rerolling your map. I really 
struggled one round due to being staved for stone. I got curious and 
would generate a new map, save immediately, and then rush exploration. 
After a few rounds, I had a few really decent starts. Thereís a huge 
amount of variability and some maps simply seem unfair. 
Totally reasonable if you think this is cheating, but it is an early 
access game. There may be balance issues and your enjoyment of the 
game may depend on the start being favorable. If you get good, you 
should be able to thrive under the worst conditions. 
Focus on enjoying the game and learning first.

-=Base Layout=-
This game changed the way I build bases. I like orders. I like grids. 
I like using space efficiently. Doing all of those things is a really 
efficient way to get absolutely destroyed in this game. Spread your 
buildings out as much as possible to make use of their line of sight 
#1 You cannot build where you do not have active LoS, 
#2 bad things will actually spawn within your borders if you have even 
   a single tile of the fog of war during death nights, and 
#3 nothing sucks more than sending reinforcements to your front lines 
   and getting debuffed by death night fog of war because you left 
   giant swaths of emptiness between your barracks and your front lines. 
   Line of sight = control.

Walls are going to fall. Buildings are going to fall. Whatever you do, 
donít let your stockpiles fall. Put those in a dead-end off the beaten 
path. You may as well lose the game before you lose those. If your 
resources end up at max during a prolonged fight and they fall, 
everything above the cap gets gobbled up by the baddies. 
Iím still disappointed about that loss...

The fewer walls you build the better. When faced with a long narrow 
corridor, donít do what I did and build on the bad guy side unless you 
intend to build multiple layers of walls. Build on your side. The goal 
is to slow them down by forcing them through the chokepoint before 
they get to your walls. Itís a lot easier to kill an infinitely long 
horde of bad guys if they walk single file into your towers of doom.

Letís think about this like a math problem with two scenarios with 
constant DPS.

I can afford enough firepower to kill 50 baddies per second at a 
given location. There are an infinite amount of baddies, but they 
take up physical space and therefore have to queue like theyíre 
trying to get on a ride at Disney after they got rid of Fastpass.

If I funnel them to my front door first, then only 40 baddies per 
second can hit my walls. 40 is less than 50. This is good, my walls 
might stay up. If my wall is twice as wide but my DPS remains the 
same, then 80 baddies per second can hit my walls. Since 80 is more 
than 50, this is bad. My walls are going to take a lot of damage and 
Iím probably going to be kiting the baddies all the way back to my 
baseís interior.

More firepower across less surface area = success
* Research and Upgrades
* Food Production

Upgraded food production is bigger than the little huts you start 
with. Reserve some space for the big boys. Once you unlock tier 2 
houses and tier 2 food production, expand your food fast so that you 
can upgrade your existing houses one after the other.

* Tier 1 (Food Hut) is the best Food/Gold youíre going to get, 
  but itís a lot of space.
* Tier 2 (Farm) and Tier 3 (Refined Farm) are more space-efficient 
  than Tier 1. 

The Food/Gold is the same between them, so upgrading to Tier 3 is fine 
if you run out of space and have the mats. Tier 3 lets you jam more pops
into one space. Obviously, shoot for the absolute best yield for farms 
and use huts to fill in garbage areas.

-=Max food Stats=-
Tier 1: 11 Food (5.5 Food/Gold, 1 Pop)
Tier 2: 31 Food (1.55 Food/Gold, 2 Pop)
Tier 3: 62 Food (1.55 Food/Gold, 4 Pop)

Wood is a nonissue and if you rerolled for good stone, then you will be 
ham-stringed by gold. Upgrading to Tier 2 (Lodge) is a huge gold increase 
and something that really changed the trajectory of my games. 
Houses = gold. Upgrade what youíve got ASAP to tier 2.

After writing this I decided to run some numbers, tier 3 housing (house) 
isnít worth it if youíve got space. Fill in any available space with tier 
2 housing first. Itís about 17% less Gold/Food to upgrade everything to 
Tier 3, and thatís 10 stone per house. You need walls more than you need
 houses. Build more Tier 2.

* Once you unlock everything in Tier 1 research, just sell the thing. 
* It takes up a lot of pop and you get a small refund. 
* Replace it with a stockpile if you can.

How to Beat Act 2 Mission 5:
* Run through and get all four camps with Edwin and your starting army units 
asap. Pause the game to let him tank during tough situations while you heal 
your other injured units away from the action. Donít bother sending Edwin 
any additional troops (I donít think I ended up training more than 10 
additional troops or less). Spend all spare gold and wood on at least 3 
stone walls and ballistas (if you start with the rightmost camp you can start 
building ballistas pretty soon in the level). After the final wave spawns, 
you can add cheap wood walls for additional defense.

* The second you clear a spot with stone on it, pause the game and build a 
stone camp. Stone is how you will beat this level (walls + ballistas).

* The nightmares only enter through two points for me; the center and the 
right. I built 3 stone wall rows each there; two more wood walls for 5 
total with 4 ballistas behind each (8-9 total ballistas). Remember that you 
only need to kill 1500 units; you cant hold the whole wave, I think. And 
Keep Edwin alive! Run him away from the keep before it fallsÖ

* From the village rewards, I got the ballista, the farm, the upgraded 
defense tower, and I forget what else. The ballistas will save your ass; 
there isnít enough iron in the map for the elite archers IMO.

Good luck!

How to Defeat Crushers:
* Arbalest and hunters are the main counter.
* Especially in towers as they gain bonus range and+5 shred.
* Make sure that on foot and in towers they are always on highest priority.
* If you need additonal crusher counter than take the+50% dmg and shred 
  while in cover upgrade.
* Normally you should have enough that crusher can hit maximum once or 
  none at all.
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