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Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors Cheats

Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Sushav Dixit
Submitted by: zohiad asad

Hit ENTER during the game, and enter the following:

Result                                Code 
1000 food                           - cheese steak jimmy's
1000 gold                           - robin hood  
1000 stone                          - rock on  
1000 wood                           - lumberjack  
Cobra car                           - how do you turn this on  
Control nature                      - natural wonders  
Destroy all opponents               - black death  
Fast building                       - aegis  
Flying dogs                         - woof woof  
Full map                            - marco 
Instant loss                        - resign  
Instant victory                     - i r winner  
Kill Opponent 1                     - torpedo1  
Kill Opponent 2                     - torpedo2  
Kill Opponent 3                     - torpedo3  
Kill Opponent 4                     - torpedo4  
Kill Opponent 5                     - torpedo5  
Kill Opponent 6                     - torpedo6  
Kill Opponent 7                     - torpedo7  
Kill Opponent 8                     - torpedo8  
Little monkey                       - furious the monkey boy  
No fog of war                       - polo  
Saboteur unit                       - to smithereens  
Suicide                             - wimpywimpywimpy  
Tall, fast moving, useless villager - i love the monkey head  
aegis                               - your buildings will be constructed

Defeating your enemies with Arbalest:
Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana

You can easily defeat any infantry from i.e.(Elite Teutonic Knight to Militia) 
using your Arbalests. To accomplish this you must build an archery camp research 
the archer to crossbowman and then to arbalest. These Arbalests when fully 
researched e.g. (Carthaginian Tactics) are extremely powerful in range attack 
and somewhat weak in combat. Just create 15 arbalests, Double-Click any one to 
select all of them and just Right-Click to attack any enemy infantry or cavalry. 
When our men they will come nearer to attack the enemy infantry attack the 
arbalests. Since the arbalests are more in number the enemy infantry will die 
on their way when trying to reach our men. The arbalests have very long range 
so that they can easily kill the infantry and siege units. If they (enemies) 
follow this technique it will be a problem to you so please be quicker. 
If more doubts persists, Mail me.

Submitted by: Mahesh

On the mill you will find an icon saying "reseed farm". Now select the mill then
press F3(game is paused)then see if you have enough wood then start clicking on 
the icon.after sometime stop clicking.then press F3 will have lots of 
reseeds in the list.this will help you concentrate on the game than giving your 
villagers farms again and again.

Submitted by: Gaurav Jhaveri

You should always study the tech tree and see the specialites of your civilization
and always scout the enemy base and study their base.If you lose a game then you 
should think how did my enemy win, how did I lose? Think over it and don't make 
the same mistake next time.

Submitted by: Gaurav Jhaveri

You should always build walls and towers to protect yourself and always place walls
from one forest to another, never build walls from one mine to forest or mine to mine
or forage bush to mine otherwise when you have collected all the resources in the mine
that part of the wall will become open and the enemy will enter as soon as the wall 
has become open.

Wonder Hint: 
Submitted by: Gokulavasan, Chennai

If you want to see all the wonders of the civilizations, go to create a scenario and
you can place the wonder. Again change your civilization, and place the wonder and 
you will see theirs. Otherwise, select the 'Defend the Wonder' option under Standard
Game and you can change the civilization and see their respective wonder!

Here are the 4 best civilizations is this order:
Submitted by: Chris


Never charge at your enemy, just get in their line of site. If it is archers, use 
knights/elephants and charge.

Submitted by: Mehran Samad Nejad

Hit ENTER during the game, and enter the following:

Cheat       Result 
woof woof - you will see stormy dog on the air,
            that fly every where

Submitted by: Masood Yoonesian
Enter cheat mode and type in VDML. It gives you a very fast villager that you can 
kill next to a building or enemy unit and it will explode and destroy it.

Submitted by: Jeremy Griffin
Enter cheat mode and type in VDML. It gives you a very fast villager that you can
kill next to a building or enemy unit and it will explode and destroy it.

Submitted by: Oscar Syahbana the Kindhearted

Bigger doesn't always better...they said. If you wanted to win a war (in multiplayer
game) you should plan your tactical and political skills. You could 'use' your ally 
as your defensif structure and then after you almost defeat your enemy, change your 
diplomatic stances to your ally as enemy after your troops get in their town center 
and the attack and demolish your ally and then you could be the single leader.

Submitted by: rickHH 
Take time to study the new civilizations and their technologies through the tech 
tree in the game. You can garrison units inside siege rams, which helps protect 
them against missile weapons. This is very handy when you're trying to storm enemy
walls. Definitely use the farm queue; it'll cut down on your micromanagement of 
farmers. Just be careful; 75 pieces of wood get used every time you queue a farm. 

This is more of a proggramming thingy:

Submitted by: h@ck3r

-go into the msdos-type C:
-press enter-type dir\p *or* dir/p
-push enter
-look for the dir of aoe2 game file
-type it in
-push enter
-now type in the following:


Submitted by: Mahesh

IN ur mill there is a reseed farm button normally u can have a list of only 15 
farms. Now here is the best part.When u click on the mill press F3 button of ur
keyboard.The game is paused. Now press "F" button on ur keyboard to enlist farms.
Keep on pressing to ur hearts content, if u had kept on pressing fer someime u 
will find that u hv no list. The point is that u set up such a big list of farms
that the computer is unable to show it. IMPORTANT-u better hv lots of wood.

Submitted by: gaurav paul

While creating units or reseeding farms we have to click a lot of times.So while
creating units or reseeding farms press shift and then click to creat an unit or
reseeding farms.It will create or reseed 5 units or farms.

Submitted by:Murukesh Mohanan

Now,to easily destroy all enemy buildings,create a large number of patards 
(saboteur unit),group them and sneak them into enemy's base.take them to important
buildings but make sure you don't go to near military units. Guide them and attack
the building.8-10 patards can destroy a castle,town center &other strong buildings.
Create many,Destroy all!Good luck!

Submitted by: Aaron

At the start of a game to get a goos start just build as many villagers as u can
and get them to build a mill and work on the forrage bush once that is all done 
put some villagers on Farms and Woodcutting now u should have a head start of the
other civalisations.

Submitted by: Wizard23

In hardest mode if some player(computer) makes neutral with you then afterwards 
he asks for resourses from you failing which he attacks you. well you can avoid 
being enemy with him by saying 'no' (no 2 in chat menu) to him just after he asks 
you for resourses.

Submitted by: Syed Anwar CCC SWAT

always attack the enemy base and break their gate while you are fighting send some 
villagers and build your on gate there you shuold complete it for your entrance 
purpose and they will not attack it and after completing all gates around them which 
should be your they will be locked so do not destroy the walls but only gates and all 
the enemy when locked like this all the resources outside are yours and they will 
become weak by having no resources.

Submitted by: Syed Anwar CCC SWAT

If you want to take control of many resources in age of empires 2 and the map always 
try to attack the enemy base first by destroying their gates first the n you should 
retreat although they will attack but when they are cooled send some villagers and 
try to build a gate from where you broke theirs one.If there are enemies towers or 
others things dont worry take as 10 villagers and 1% construction will also be able 
to block them but you should try to complete it for your entrance purposes.This formula 
is only applied to the small gates for the bigger gates you should complete it 100% for 
enemystoppage Then after succeding in locking them clear their outter buildings and 
soldiers and when they are locked the rest of the map will be yours and they will 
become weak by having no more resources.
For other hints consult 

Submitted by: sekyere joseph

if you want to gain more resouces you need to create more vilagers.

Submitted by: utkarsh jaiswal

The Spanish are one of the best civilisations. Take the spanish, 
concentrate on gathering wood and gold, build up ur navy (especially 
Elite Cannon Galleons) and then try to destroy ur enemy.

town centre upgrade Hint:
Submitted by: Subhash

If You have a villager 1st build a town centre upgrade till the imperial 
age and well consolidate it and if your completely on land,then send a 
full fledged army(cavalry,infantry,archers,siege weapons,petards,2 villager 
and three monks) and after clearing a considerably large patch of land near 
or in the enemy boundary quickly build 2 castles,town centre,stable,barracks,
archery range,consolidate it with towers and strong cavalry attack the enemy 
for sure victory if water is also present send 1st a village to build and 
then attack from there.

Defeat any infantry Hint:
Submitted by: N.Monish Reddy

You can easily defeat any infantry from i.e.(archers to wood raiders)
using your Arbalests. To accomplish this you must build an archery range.
Then research the archer to crossbowman and then to arbalest.Then reasearchall 
archery reasearchs in blacksmith and archery range.These Arbalests, when fully 
researched are extremely powerful in range attack and somewhat weak in combat. 
Just create 20 arbalests, Double-Click any one to select all of them and just 
Right-Click to attack any enemy infantry or cavalry.It will take time to kill 
battering,capped and siege rams;cavarly.When they will come nearer to attack 
the enemy infantry attack the arbalests. 
Since the arbalests are more in number the enemy infantry will die 
on their way when trying to reach our men. The arbalests have very long range 
so that they can easily kill the infantry and siege units. If they (enemies) 
follow this technique it will be a problem to you so you haveto be quicker. 
If more doubts persists, Mail me.

Tip:you will atlaest 36 to destroy a castle.this doesn't work on longbowmen
(english unique unit).

Submitted by: Tuiyub hussain

If you are playing regicide first attack their castle and emedatly when the 
king want to flee just kill and him you will win.

Submitted by: Mubashar Habib

Hit ENTER during the game, and enter the following:

I deserve this 50000 Gold,Wood,Food & Rock.

Hit ENTER during the game, and enter DX GENERATION .It gives you result into no 
limmit of population.In this way,you can increase your population on your own 
even in Compagin modes of he game.

Submitted by: Fazil Khan

Fine well when your in the game,when your playing age of empires 2 the conqures 
campaign's, Attila The Hun. Bleda will tell you that see if you can flush the Iron 
Boar out, but if you do like that his archers will attack you just go near 
the boar and attack it once or twice then automatically Bleda will come to attack 
the boar. As soon as he comes to attack the boar,you run away from the sight.
Then after Bleda is killed by the boar all the archers who was in Bleda's side will 
come to your side and all the other tarkans will also come to your side.
Happy Gaming!

Submitted by: khemankar

don't click on lock teams so that you can convert army of your ally by turning him 
enemy & after converting turn the diplomacy ally.

Submitted by: Fazil Khan

Hai again friends.good to see you again in the "Cheatbook".well you know one thing 
i got a great idea to defend your wonder.first you see a comfortable site for your 
wonder,ya.then you start building the wonder.for this you use the cheat or do it 
by hand,got it.after that just build lots of walls and gates and improve them[the 
walls should be quite far away from the wonder].now build lots of bombard towers 
near the wonder or place lots and lots of cobra cars.[warning put your cobra cars 
in no attack stance or else the will itself destroy your wonder when they are 
attacking the enemy].Happy Gaming!

Play Age Of Empires 2: Age Of Kings campaigns:
Start the game, click "Single Player", then click "Age of Kings campaigns". 
All the original campaigns can be played.

Faster Teutonic Knights:
Get a ram capped ram or seige and fill it with Teutonic Knights. You will now have
a faster ram and faster knights. 

Easy win:
For easy victory over the CPU under any difficulty setting, place eight to 
twelve villagers into three control groups. Then, have two control groups working 
on gold and one working on stone until all of the stone piles and gold piles are 
gone. Next, build at least two of every building and upgrade everything as fast 
as possible. If done quick enough you should be able to either swarm your enemy 
or surround him with castles. 

Go to the map editor. Name any team "Gates". When you test the scenario, all of 
your gates will be damaged if you walk through them.

Saxon Revolt Hint:
Submitted by: James Eckert

If you didn't know, on your Conquerors CD is a specially made Scenario called "The 
Saxon Revolt". To enable its use you have to go into the CD (on My Computer) and 
open its files. I think it's in the Goodies folder. There are instructions on how 
to set it up included with it.

Siege Onagers Hint:
Submitted by: James Eckert

If you didn't already know, you can destroy trees with Siege Onagers (available only
to the Teutons, Celts, Mongols, Aztecs, Saracens and Koreans) or Trebuchets. Siege 
Onagers are far more effective than Trebuchets. You can use this to enter enemy towns
and surprise them without breaking down their walls. If you want to be really nasty,
you can destroy all the forests near their towns so they have to go outside to get 
wood, and you can kill the villgers. You need to know this in some campaigns.

Submitted by: James Eckert

I you don't have a lot of resources but want to win thoroughly, make a large number 
of archers (specialized archers, like Longbowmen and Hand cannoneers are best), a 
few monks, and some ranged siege weapons (either Mangonels, bombard cannons or 
trebuchets) and give them a common number. then put them in Line formation on either 
defensive stance or stand ground. The monks will heal your archers as they are hurt 
and the archers and siege weapons will destroy the enemies and their town. The longer
ranged your guys are, the better. Just watch out for enemy mangonels, as they will 
kill your guys like flies. 

Submitted by: jacob

Ok when ur going to attack a town bring 1 (or more) villager along with you so 
then you can build castles, stables etc in the town that your attacking so then 
instead of getting more troops from your base and sending them back over you can 
just create troops in the base and the enemy wont have time to rebuild anything 
(gates,buildings etc) while your troops get there,,,,,and u should use the cheat 
aegis when performing this.

Elite Teutonic Knight Hint:
Submitted by: MorganDW

Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors Expansion

The Turks have a 8+5 bombard tower range. This is good for placing out of range of 
enemy castles and towers and destroying them without harm.

Always have villagers travel with your army. That way when an enemy tower or castle 
goes down you can build (if you have a lot of resources) the same building you 
destroyed. This is a good defense mechanism; then if they go to attack you, they 
will run into your towers.

The best unit is an Elite Teutonic Knight, you only need fifteen of them to take 
out an enemy castle.

Submitted by: Gaurav Roy

Hi friends, You can destroy a castle using Your Longbowmens. For this first go to 
Impiral age research yeomen and the attack a castle with lots of Longbowmens.Since 
they have range 12 and castle can have maximum range 11 so it won't be able to attack. 
But don't forget to guard your longbowmen using Knights.

Easy win:
For an easier win against NPC characters, make a map using the map editor. Give 
yourself 99,999 of every recourse and your opponent about 20,000. Go to the options 
and disable the siege workshop and the trebuchet, then edit all the other options 
as desired and start the game. It will be a much easier game even under the hardest
difficulty setting because the risk of long ranged attacks and siege weapons that 
quickly destroy your buildings has been removed.

See line of sight of all players:
Type polo to see the the line of sight of players. Also works good with marco cheat.

The Monkey & Flying Dog:
In The Conquerors all the cheats from Age of Kings can be used plus two more cheats.
To use both cheats first press Enter in-game and a chat box will open. Type 'woof 
woof' to turn all birds into dogs and 'furious the monkey boy' to get the monkey 

Quick Soldiers No Aegis:
Ok as you may know there is a cheat (aegis) that makes everything produce straight
away, but there is a problem, once you use aegis the enemies also creat everything
quickly so here is a tip to creat quick soldiers and research things in no time: 
it's easier if you have alot of resources to begin with, what you do is at the 
beginning of the game you get villagers to build 4 barracks (when you advance ages
do the same with archery range and stable), once you have the 4 barracks click the
creat militia button 5 times on each barracks so in stead of making 5 units because
you ahve 4 baracks you have 4 times as many units so in the time a normal player 
(enemie) made 5 soldiers you made 20! do the same for the blacksmith creat 5 so you
can research all at the same time. If you do this you will have about 50 soldiers 
in 5-10 minuits and you can attack the enemy who has a very small army! do the same
with the archery range and stable.

Coastal Maps:
if your on a coastal map ALWAYS! have a dock with a passenger ships with 5 villagers 
a scout cavalry 5 foot troops 3 of the unique class and at least 2 archers. when needed
if you get beat bad. set sail to an empty area and rebuild. it will give you a second
chance but then you gotta move fast. if you dont youll lose hose guys too.

Free extra resources:
On the first map of the Attila the Hun campaign, move Attila away from where you get
him. Wait until one of the Tarkans say "Bleda wastes our time. Let us follow Attila." 
Send Attila up to Bleda, set Bleda's Huns to neutral/enemy, and start killing Bleda. 
Once you get the Tarkans, send them up to help Attila. Once Bleda is dead, go back to
the camp and kill any other Tarkan that do not convert. Once you get the resources 
from Bleda's Huns, go over the northwestern bridge as one of the Tarkans suggests. 
Once you get those villagers, GAIA gives you some resources. Return into the Hunnic
camp to have Bleda's Huns give you more resources.

Submitted by: victor

Press enter at game play then write, (king of the hill), and you will get 200 units of horse.

Submitted by: The hitman

There is a easy strategy for winning a game.Firstly,
type "aegis" in chat box.this will create the units,reserches and buildings 
try to take one of your villager to the main town center of enemy.confirm that there is no ram 
or trebuchets near,gently your castle just adjacent to the towncenter of create 
a army and attack on enemy's towncenter.also,create some unique units to aid the enemy's 
towncenter destroys their economy will be perished ans you can destroy your enemy can 
also be done with enemy castle.IT WORKS!

NOTE:you should have ample resources for the building of castle and other units.

Submitted by: Roger

Press enter then type how do you turn this thing on don't press enter yet right click your 
mouse anywhere on the title screen then hit "select all" there should be a button called copy 
press that and then press entter then press enter again then right click your mouse then click 
paste without typing anything and then it will say how do you turn thos on then press enter and 
kepp doing this and you'll have a army of cobras with machine guns on them. 

Note. This does take command points so make buildings and make sure you have a town hall without 
it you can't do this.

Submitted by: tamilmagan

If you are going to attack the enemy's kingdom don't take your troops and attack,first group
your troops with some villagers and stay some distance from your enemy.Built fort(recruit 
trebuchets, if you are Britions recruit longbowman),stable(recruit Paladin),siege workshop
(recruit heavy scorpion) and attack your enemy with your troops.It will be more powerful and
you have non-stop supplying of your troops.

Ultimate Army:
To make your army most effective against the enemy, first find out what type of unit is their
special unit. Your army should be comprised of many units that have strengths against that 
unit type (If their special unit is a mounted one, then your army should be filled the highest
level spearman you can create, etc.). In the same way, your army should be filled with units 
which have strengths against the other unit your enemy likes to attack you with most often. 
The rest of your army can be filled with whatever you like.

How to play:
Submitted by: Fahim

How to make buildings:
Start the game as the villagers and then click on buildings.there you can see all 
types of buildings

How to make military buildings:
To make millitaries click on the millitari can make archaries from archary range.
armies you can make from a barrack and calvaries from a stable. you can also make armies from 

How to make a villager:
To make a villager you have to go to the town center and click on a villager.

How to get to different ages:
To go to different ages first you have to gather enough food.then you click in the town center 
and click on the ages

How to gather recources:
to gather recources you have to click in a villager and then right click in a work.
For example you want to gather woods.You have to click on a villager and then right click 
to a tree a tree has woods.

How to win:
Different game in age of empires2 has different types of ways to win.but generally you need 
to construct a wonder or capture all relics or destroying all enemies.

Weird Villiger:
Press Enter (Return) in a game and type in I love the monkey head . You should see a tall 
villiger that moves very fast and cannot build anything. He is good for exploring.

Submitted by: Mad hatter

When you type 'Aegis' your enemies also receive the cheat. So, you have to type the cheat 
before building structures or upgrading or creating soldiers. Have fun making a fool of your 
opponents !!

Submitted by: aahan

This is a good cheat for age of empires. u just need to type this - " i want the lions" and you
will get 250 golden lions with 8 attack 0+2/3 defence.

Destroy civilization:
While in a game click on the tribute menu down the list will be the players the top 
will be player 1 and below 2 and after 3,4,5 and so on. In chat box type in torpedo with no 
space enter the player number you want to destroy for example 2. So type in torpedo2 to destroy 
player 2.
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