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Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition Cheats

Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

While playing the game, press [Enter] to display the chat window and type
one of following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Note: In a multiplayer game, the "Enable Cheats" box in the lower right 
corner must be checked in order for the codes to work.

Effect                      Code
+1000 Food                - CHEESE STEAK JIMMY'S
+1000 Gold                - ROBIN HOOD
+1000 Stone               - ROCK ON
+1000 Wood                - LUMBERJACK
Control nature            - NATURAL WONDERS
Defeatyourself            - RESIGN
Destroy all the enemies   - BLACK DEATH
Destroy yourself          - WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY
Get a Furious Monkey Boy  - FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOY
Gives a 'cobra' car       - HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON
Gives a saboteur          - TO SMITHEREENS
Gives a VDML              - I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD
Immediate Building        - AEGIS
Kills opponent x          - TORPEDOx
Remove Shadow             - POLO
Reveal Map                - MARCO
Turns birds into dogs     - WOOF WOOF
Victory                   - I R WINNER

Cheat Codes (alternate):
While playing the game, enter one of the following codes to activate 
the corresponding cheat function:

Result                      Cheat Code
Fast construction         - [Ctrl] + Q
Build immutable structure - [Ctrl] + P
Alternate resource menu   - [Ctrl] + T
View ending sequence      - [Ctrl] + C

How to Skip the Introduction Cinematics:
Written by Cainam

A quick guide on how to skip the introduction cinematics when you launch the game.

Skip the introduction cinematics
Go to ...\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\resources\_common\movies
Create a folder named "backup".
Move "aoeii4K.wmv" and "aoeiide_titlevideo.wmv" to the backup folder.
The game should launch now without the intro videos/cinematics.

How to Get the classic Intro:
In this guide I’ll show you how to get the classic Age of Empires 2 Intro with 
the two kings playing chess back.

-=How to do it=-
1.Locate the current intro video called "aoeiide_titlevideo.wmv" 
2.Replace it with the old intro.
=> The easiest way is to replace it with the HD Edition intro (Age2HD\resources\_common\movies) 
   -> don’t get confused as there are two video files, both are the same except "aoeiihd_x2.wmv" 
   is for the The Forgotten expansion
=> However, you can also download it from YouTube using a Video downloader.
Remember to rename the files!

General Tips for New Players:
Memorize default hotkeys or assign new ones that fit your playstyle.

* Use SHIFT key to give multiple orders to a unit (or groups of them).
* Explore all areas surrounding your base first (SHIFT comes very useful 
  for this when you order your scout to do so).
* Don’t stop creating villagers and make sure you are able to reach Feudal 
  in 10 minutes, Castle in around 15-16 and Imperial in 28-30 minutes.
* Adapt use of military, research, buildings, etc to the bonuses of the 
  civilization you have chosen (also, learn build orders for it).
* Use multiple archers or scouts to harrass AI villagers that are far away 
  from their own Town Center during Feudal Age.

Console Commands:
Just hit the Enter button or click the Chat icon in the top-right. That 
should bring up a text box. Type in one of the cheat codes listed below 
and then hit Enter button again. The cheat codes aren't case sensitive, 
so all you've to do is spell them right.

- Reveals the entire map. It works as a switch - on or off - so entering 
  it again will hide the map.

- Removes the fog of war. This too works as a switch, like so entering it 
  again will restore the fog of war.

alpaca simulator
- Creates an "Alfred the Alpaca", which looks like a Llama. Very high armour 
  value, trample damage, and attacks with headbutts. Strong in melee combat, 
  weak against speed, ranged attack.

- Creates an "Sharkatzor", which resembled a flying shark with rockets 
  launches on its back. Has a very high damage capacity, and has a 10 square 
  firing sight line.

furious the monkey boy
- Creates a "Furious the Monkey Boy". Destroys buildings easily, but slow and 
  dies after taking nine hits.

how do you turn this on
- Creates an "AC Cobra". Fires rounds of bullets, impressive long range, and 
  high hit points, armour, and damage. Poor AI, bullets harm friendly units.

i don't exist- 
- Creates a "Penguin". High armour and damage.

i love the monkey head
- Creates a "VMDL". Quick and good for exploring. Cannot attack but grant attack 
  bonus to buildings if garrisoned. Fun fact: VMDL stands for Villager Male David
  Lewis and in case you're wondering, David Lewis was in the team that made the 

to smithereens
- Creates a Saboteur. More effective and faster than a Petard, the only non-cheat 
  suicide unit on land.

cheese steak jimmy's
- Increases Food by 10,000.

- Increases Wood by 10,000.

robin hood
- Increases Gold by 10,000.

rock on 
- Increases Stone by 10,000.

ninjaconnor / ninjalui / rowshep
- Increases all resources by 1,00,000 (You only have to input ONE of the three 
  codes here, not all 3. I have no idea why they did this).

- Silences taunts. That's it.

- Reverses !mute.

- Building, researching, resource gathering, and training is done instantly - for 
  everyone including the AI. Works like a switch, so can be turned off.

black death 
- Kills all other civilisations, except yours. Yes, even your allies.

i r winner
- Declares your civilisation as the winner.

natural wonders
- Transfers player control to nature, in lieu of losing control of your civilisation. 
  It is irreversible - there's no way to regain control of your civilisation other 
  than starting a new game.

- You lose the game.

torpedo XXXXX
- Kills the specified civilisation, where "X" is civilisation number from 1 - 8.

- Kills all of your units, resulting in the same outcome as resign.

woof woof
- Transforms birds into "Stormy Dogs". They are flying dogs with red capes. 
  No gameplay change. 

-=Chronological Order of Campaigns=-
For those who want to roleplay as a Time Lord / Emperor of Mankind or just an 
alternative order to play the campaigns.

* 410 - Alaric
* 445 - Atila the Hun
* 557 - Bukhara (B)
* 648 - Dos Pilas (B)
* 711 - Tariq ibn Ziyad
* 732 - Tours (B)
* 865 - York (B)
* 895 - Honfoglalás (B)
* 960 - Yodit
* 1000 - Vinlandsaga (B)
* 1006 - Suryavarman I
* 1066 - Hastings (B)
* 1068 - Bari
* 1071 - Manzikert (B)
* 1072 - El Cid
* 1154 - Saladin
* 1155 - Barbarossa
* 1178 - Prithviraj
* 1183 - Kurikara (B)
* 1191 - Cyprus (B)
* 1206 - Genghis Khan
* 1228 - Kotyan
* 1235 - Sundjata
* 1278 - Ivaylo
* 1297 - William Wallace
* 1302 - Bapheus (B)
* 1310 - Gajah Mada
* 1363 - Poyang (B)
* 1370 - Tamerlán
* 1385 - Le Loi
* 1415 - Agincourt (B)
* 1424 - Sforza
* 1429 - Joan of Arc
* 1430 - Pachacuti
* 1448 - Dracula
* 1505 - Francisco de Almeida
* 1519 - Montezuma
* 1550 - Bayinnaung
* 1571 - Lepanto (B)
* 1582 - Kyoto (B)
* 1598 - Noryang (B)
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