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AdventureX Cheats


Submitted  by: RM

* Get the gun on the couch 
* get the bullets under the couch 
* get the light bulb between the washing machines 
* get the key on the right kitchen cupboard 
* shoot the mirror in the bathroom and pick up the glass 
* put the buld in the light in the bathroom 
* put the key in the power box above the washing machine 
* shoot the left hanging light in the kitchen and pick up the remote that falls 
* Use the glass on the couch to get the tape 
* put the tape vcr under the couch 
* use the remote on the tv to diplay code: 123212132123111 
* go turn on the lamp in the bath room and look at the wall, notice it say no 
  red, the new code is 123121321311 
* go click the washing machines in code order 
* pick up the candle 
* uncover the kitchen table 
* click the far right button on the stove to turn it on 
* light the candle useing the stove 
* put the candle in the middle of the pentagram 

It says RED with it crossed out. All the red letters on the tv EXCLUDE FROM THE
CODE (take out from the code) 
And now lilly..
go to the kitchen (two lamps from ceiling, tablecloth or star symbol.. and stove. 
theres a hollow spot in a cupboard on the left side. click inside and itll chance 
PointOfView. click the key.
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