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Adventure Quest 2 Cheats

Adventure Quest 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Zorback's trap:
First go to the inn and then clik a bag leftside of robina and then it will explode and then
youve been tricked by zorback's trap!

10 potions:
Here you can get 10 easy potions which will not disappear when you log out. btw i'm only
doing this because there are no other cheats here!

Unlockable Items:
There are few unlockable items you can get from enemies if you manage to beat the unlockables
are below k (note that this items are only temporary which means when u log out u lose these 

Unlockable                                     How to unlock
- legendary sword (available for all players) 
You have to beat the legendary warrior this enemy is found when u click the 
battle button then if u encounter this enemy beat him then clik his shiny 

- sword plungerizer (available for all players)
Go to the rip of the sky and then go to vince then click the ladder and then 
vince will tell u if u want the plungerizer or not and this is a good water 
weapon for lvl 30-40 characters

- tusk spear (available to all players)
First go to battle and if u encounter the chrask monster then beat it and 
then clik on one of his tusks then u got the tusk spear

- frogzard sword (available to all players)
First goto the frogzard quest 2 then battle every monster u encounter and 
until u encounter the motherzard enemy then beat it and then u will get the 
frogzard sword and then complete the quest and theres a special in this weapon 
that can transform u to frogzilla

- zhilo's axe (available for guardians only)
This weapon is from zhilo the axemaster and only guardians can obtain it first 
be lvl 10 at fighter class and only guardians can continue the class 6-10 and 
then when u get to 10 on fighter class u fight 4 or 5 enemies and note that 
these enemies are very strong and then when u encounter zhilo u must beat him 
and then after that he will give his axe to you.

How to get xp and gold fast:
First goto the guardian tower and then goto the teleporting area and then click battle carnax
and then u will battle carnax and u must battle about 4 or 5 carnax i think and when u beat 1
of them ull get 1000+ xp and 500+ gold! 
If u battle 5 carnax ull get 5000 xp and 2500 gold !!!!! and if u only battle 
4 carnax ull get 4000 xp and 2000 gold!

How to become Nightbane:
- click on travel map.
- go 2 dakorvia forest.
- go 2 nightbanes fortress.
- enter fortress get darklaw if u dont got it.
- u will NOT need VampireSlayer E.
- battle untill it says retreat there are 2 many now.
- skip the talk and go 2 abby. something.
- kill nightbane and get the armor.

First go to Travel map then go to Devourer then go to The Beginning of the Endthen
after the cutscene click the dracolich head and you will get the armor.

6000 gold in 20 minutes:
Go to lolosia and go into gibets pub. then click on the flower and take it. leave 
the tub and go right and talk to sailor boon. Do the quest. I recommend u be 55 
and up before u do this quest. the treasure chest at the end gives u 4000 gold 
and the monsters u fite give u lots of gold and exp too. 
U can do this quest repeatedly.

The Pit:
Go to battleon then click twilly then click on the left side near on twilly then 
jump down then you are not on the pit.

King B.U.R.P guest:
Go to the haunted house in Granemor and sometimes there is king B.U.R.P and if you 
defeat him he will be your guest.

How to get the blade of awe fast:
First you must go to the crossroads click on "somewhere". When you first go there 
it will be 1 of 11 defeat all 11 and keep repeating it will keep going up by one 5, 
6, 7 and then 8. After you beat 1 of 8 you will receive a piece of the blade of awe.
Keep on doing that you will get one piece at a time. 

How to get the dragonblade easier:
First go to dragonspine and the uneasy peace of dracomancers and dragonslayers and 
fight until you find the dragonblade.

Rare Carnax Blade:
First goto the rip of the sky and then goto falerin the loremaster and then clik on 
the scroll that is next to the smoking scroll and then u will battle carnax and then 
clik on the treasure chest and voila u got the RARE CARNAX BLADE.!

Backwards name:
Go to warlic's shop and explore. drag the mermazon kelp, frogzard tear, and moglin 
essence into the bowl. it will make a backwards potion.

Pet Rock:
Go to Warlic's magic shop. Click the candle in the top left and drag it to the chest 
and you will get the pet rock. He does earth damage, and if you give it to Valencia, 
she will give you a travel pass.

Green hair:
Go to magic shop and make the potion: mermazon kelp, frogzard tear and bad juice.

Mouse Hole:
Go to Yulgar's Inn and click the more button & you will see two people and a shelf with 
a potion click the potion and drink it & you will shrink to a size of a mouse and go 
inside a mouse hole.

To find the secret pit go to Battleon and click around on the ground in front of 
Yulgar's Inn. The crusor will change to a hand when you find it. Then just click.

Easy money lvls 1-10:
Just keep reapiting the tutorial with Twilly and you'll gane lots of experience and 
get Twilly as a guest fighter. He also heals you for a special.

Make all levels go up:
When you go to a class(exaple:fighter class). Press L then press numbers 1-10 to become 
any level that you can.

Good Fire secondary pet:
Go to Darkovia Forest, then go to Vampire Castle. Once there you will find a vampire. 
Next to the vampire is a Vampire Bat. Click on him and he will be your secondary pet 
until you sign out.

Funny amour:
When you get to Isle d'Oriens the then try to find the box and open the 2nd slot and 
you will find a feather tickle your way out and then you will makedeal with the lizard 
and then you will be able to buy the amour.

First, get your Luck and Charisma to 20 or above. Then, keep going into random battles 
until start a battle with a cave. Click "Befriend it". If you are lucky, you will 
befriend it. If not, you will fight it.

Get easy money and exp while in god mode:
After u become godmode go to zorbak's hideout. then jus click more more more when they 
are talking. u will meet the dragon master later. defeat him and u will get 2000 exp 
and 750 gold.

Death level:
When you die in the screen with the grim reaper there should be a hourglass, click on 
it and writing comes up read it. Then click what option and keep on doing it and you'll 
get to da level.

Easy money:
If you are at low level (5 to 15), get 500 gold by fighting and buy a pet named Truffle. 
This pet does major damage and kills people (things) quickly, and thus gets money faster.
If at a higher level, fight monsters until you find a overgrown bee that will threaten 
you and leave. Choose to follow it. Invade the hive and you will get about 40,000 gold.
To get easy experience and money with a for low level player, do the training repeatedly.
Go to event and skip through Warlic’s speech. Select “Multiquest” then go to Stonerule 
Monolith. You will meet the Grim Reaper and he will make you fight a lot of undead. If 
you find the Draken Undead Dragon and defeat it, you will get 500 experience points and
300 gold. All of the undead there give good experience points and gold, but this one 
gives the most but it is rare. Note: You can get four HP potions from the bag when you 
first meet the Grim Reaper. To get 1,000 free gold, simply confirm your email address 
when you receive the registration email from Artix. Your character will start with 
1,250 gold instead of 250 gold.

Mixtures in warlics shop:
Submitted by: Pat
Go to warlics shop then click "explore shop" drag the slattwob dust, mermazon kelp and 
the magma leaf to make a teleportatian portal to the triple challenge. 
To explode your head and make it black drag the moglin essence, frogzard tear and the bad 
juice. Drag the mermazon kelp,frogzard tear and the moglin essence and now your name is 
spelled backwards. To refill your health potions add the mermazon kelp, the frogzard tear 
and the magma leaf and whalha. To make a pet rock(temporery guest) add the slattwob dust, 
bad juice and the magma leaf.

Fish head:
Submitted by: RM
Go to Yulgar's shop when Hans is there. Ask "What happened to Yulgar?" Hans will say a 
lot of things. Click "What happened?" then Twig will come out. Go with Twig. You will go 
to Twig's dream place. Your head will disappear. You will fight a whole group of Piranhas.
Once you defeat them, you will fight an ice cream dish. Once you defeat him you will go 
back to Twig and return to Hans' shop after that. Once you have returned to town go to 
Warlic's shop. Do the potion "Moglin Essence + Frogzard Tear + Bad Juice and you will 
then have a Fish Head.

Steamjack armor (guardian only):
When you bought a new house go to the new house and remember this only works if ur 
house isnt been build yet so dont cut the trees yet and after u get to ur house 
click on a treasure chest and there u have it now u have a steamjack armor.

Secret-travel pass:
If you want to have a travel pass all you need to do is make a petrock then go to valencia 
then click grumbugly (valencias private) the click travel pass there it is you have a 
travel pass.

Free entrance to Granemor and CrossRoads with Lolosia:
Make a petrock then go to Valencia then click Visit Grumbugly (Visit Valencia privately) And 
you must know how to make petrock okay!!! Then once you visited privately click Grumbugly 
and click TravelPass. And walla. You get travelpass to Granemor. And whats so special with 
Granemor? Because you can access Lolosia from here. And whats so special with Lolosia? The 
special thing with Lolosia is when you keep doing quests from the old pirate. You might get 
yourself a large treasure chest that contains a "BLADE OF AWE".

Easy money:
* Go to the rip in the sky.
* Go to boiler room(room on the left theres 2 of em so try both)
* In the boiler room click the robot(it has a glowing red ston in it.)
* Vince will show ??? then click him when he gets close
* Once u click him click what is that machine then i will help.
* Then he takes u to another shrink me! after talking to him.
* After talking to him again he'll give you a hamster ball.
* Then u'll start a maze u have to get to a pink thing(dont hit the walls or the rats.)
* After your done vince will give you a it and you get 1000 gold and 100 exp 
 if you are level 70 or higher u'll get 1600 gold and 100 exp.

Non Guardian Travel:
If you want to get to Lolosia. Travel to Granemor go to boog's tavern and click on the 
rolled out scroll that says MAP it then should come up with four buttons go to Batleon, 
go to Lolosia, back and exit.

Easy Attacking:
If you are finding it hard to kill monsters travel to Obsidia's Lair and get level one 
of the necromancer class but it does cost 30MP when you use it but it will do a lot of 
damage if you are equipped well.
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