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Adera - Episode 1 Cheats

Adera - Episode 1

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points. 

Achievement                     How to Unlock
Gimme A Hint (5 points)       - Use the Hint button five times.
Amateur Collector (5 points)  - Gather five collectibles.
First Find (5 points)         - Gather your first collectible.
Lifesaver (10 points)         - Revive Hawk with water and a medkit.
Mad Tapper (5 points)         - Receive three rapid-tap warnings in a Hidden
                                Object scene.
This Way, That Way (5 points) - Travel back and forth between the same 2 scenes 
                                4 times in 30 seconds.
Dear Diary (5 points)         - Use the Journal.
Keen-eyed Sleuth (10 points)  - Complete a Hidden Object scene without using the 
                                Hint button.
Canyon Pass (10 points)       - Find the three animal tokens and unlock the canyon gate.
Ritual Chamber (15 points)    - Enter the hidden valley of Adera through a secret chamber.
Quetzal Aflame (15 points)    - Discover the way into a hidden city.
Across the Chasm (20 points)  - Avoid a deadly fall with a little help. 
A Helping Hand (15 points)    - Show your friends what you’re doing in Adera using the 
                                Share charm.
Zealot Collector (10 points)  - Gather 40 collectibles.
Aderan Paragon (20 points)    - Complete all of Episode One without using the Hint button.
Focused Mind (15 points)      - Solve all the minigames in Episode One without skipping.
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