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A-10 Tank Killer 2 - Silent Thunder Cheats

A-10 Tank Killer 2 - Silent Thunder

* Fly The Training Mission 
In training no one shoots at you, and you get the opportunity to attack 
a variety of targets. It's a good chance to hone your weapons skills. 
You can also create a custom loadout and test the effectiveness of 
different weapons in a safe environment.

* Learn Your Weapons 
Different weapons have different advantages. If all you ever use are 
Mavericks and Sidewinders, you'll be missing half of the fun.

* Stay Low
SAM radar can't pick you up through hills or mountains. The lower you 
fly, the closer they must be to detect you and the shorter time they have
to fire.

* Get Ready 
When making an attack on a target, select your ordnance in advance; you 
may not have time when the fur is flying. Use your Avenger for those quick
shots in order to avoid having to change selected weapons.

* Sometimes, Slow Is Good 
Slowing down over a target may seem like asking for trouble, but sometimes
going a bit slower may let you hit all of your targets in one pass and 
avoid the need to fly back over the target, actually lowering the time you 
spend in the enemy's sights.

* Don't Be Ashamed To Run 
Helicopters are more maneuverable than you, but slower. Dashing away can
sometimes allow you to reposition and bring Sidewinders to bear without 
getting blown out of the sky.
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