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911 Operator Cheats

911 Operator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

If you press the key below ĎEscí and type Ďsetreputation100í (without the quotes) you 
will get the indicated amount of reputation. Note: You can type in however much 
reputation you want, in this case it is 100.

Go to C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\JutsuGames\911 Operator
C:\Users\Owner\AppData\LocalLow\JutsuGames\911 Operator

Here you will see a bunch of game core folders, Career and Freegames are the folders 
you want to pay attention to. Inside both folders will contains .xml files of map IDs
(save games.)

Find your map ID or game session, right click and open/edit with notepad ++

Inside you will see parameters and variables of all available resources with itís own 
skill tree set, such as firefighters, police officers, paramedics, equipment and vehicles.
At the bottom of the page you will see sections of call/incidents and you can increase/
decrease the amount of calls and cooling period.

To increase/decrease the amount of $$$, Look for the following lines :

< financialAwards >

and enter your desired payout. After you make your edits, save your file and open the game. 
Load the map you edited, and complete 1 round in order to recieve the new bonus check.

< statistics>
< injuriedInHospital>3< /injuriedInHospital>
< reportsDoneTotal>0< /reportsDoneTotal>
< unresolvedReports>0< /unresolvedReports>
< reputation>0< /reputation>
< dutiesDone>0< /dutiesDone>
< ticketsGivenTotal>9< /ticketsGivenTotal>
< ticketsGivenTotalValue>6177< /ticketsGivenTotalValue>
< criminalsCatched>3< /criminalsCatched>
< death>0< /death>
< firstAidGiven>8< /firstAidGiven>
< financialAwards>51000< /financialAwards>
< /statistics>
< globalStatistics>
< injuriedInHospital>12< /injuriedInHospital>
< reportsDoneTotal>43< /reportsDoneTotal>
< unresolvedReports>5< /unresolvedReports>
< reputation>70< /reputation>
< dutiesDone>2< /dutiesDone>
< ticketsGivenTotal>15< /ticketsGivenTotal>
< ticketsGivenTotalValue>910075< /ticketsGivenTotalValue>
< criminalsCatched>7< /criminalsCatched>
< death>0< /death>
< firstAidGiven>23< /firstAidGiven>
< financialAwards>551000< /financialAwards>
< /globalStatistics >

Beginners Guide:
Written by Artur Schwacher

-=Here are tips about gameplay and maps=-
It a good idea to spread your units around the area at the beginning of duty.
Be focus and watch the map. Itís very easy to miss a new incident. You can always check 
the active incident in the incident registry which is located in the lower right corner
of the screen. There is a time control device at the top of the screen. You can slow or 
stop the time if you have problems. At the lower left corner you can find unit list.

Red dart, indicate time panel, yellow indicate unit menu and green indicate incident registry.
Read carefully incident report. Look at the number of injured or/and suspect. Think what to need 
to quickly solve the case. It useless to send police van with full armed crew to give a driver 
a ticket.
Blue ikon means that you need police to solve case red that you need fire department and white 
that you need medical service. Two or three-color ikons mean that you need multiple services 
to solve the case. Always check if your units arrived on the scene. 

Sometime you can accidently click near the icon on the map and then your units stops there 
and donít take part in solving the case. 

Units on the scene are always display above the incident ikon.
If you chose the unit it ikon has bold box. 

As you can see the police van is now chosen.
On the scene must remain at last one emergency unit. If you need to you can take any other 
units from the scene and use them in the next incident.
Injuried people are mark with icon with blood drop. One drop blood means that person need 
only first aid. Two drops indicates heavy injuried person who need medical treatment.
Equpiment give your recscuers boost to statistic and makes them work faster on the scene.
Heavy injured people and criminals must be transport to the nearest hospital/police stations.

Here are the call tips.

You should always start conversation with the when question. Even if you thing t that the 
call is not emergency situation. This game have a few surprise. Tracking devise still work 
after the call but you lose valuable time.
Ask as many question as possible The more you know the better you can handle the situation.
Listen any background sound during conversation. It helps, especially during empty calls.
Be nice and understanding but determinate. Donít hesitate to say no when this is non-emergency 
call. Remeber your units are limited so you should send them only to emergencies. 
if you said the caller that is case is non-emergency, don't send any units. 
Being inconsistent is bad for your reputation.
911 line is for emergency that happen now.
Be careful when you instruct the caller. Always remember about his/her security!
Time slowdown during the call, so you can focus on this particular conversation.

Order of Smile if you recive unusual call don't ignore them. Start behave in the unsual way.
Community Policing Medal It's quite difficult to reach 100 points. You can do this during 
special events in campagin mode.

Codes: Add Money:
To add funds you must enter the Console by Pressing the Button ~ Key.

After entering the console ENTER THE TEXT: givemethemoney 
Then press ENTER. 

This will add 1,000,000.00 to your total. 
You can do this as much as you'd like to continue to add more money. 

Gameplay Tips:
Written by kschang77

* You can allocate more than one unit to one incident. And often, you should

* If you just started playing, your instinct may be to send the "bare minimum" response, 
just one unit to the correct type, to keep other resources available for other incidents. 
This is actually NOT an optimum response.

* Sending more units to an incident actually speeds up the response, so the incident goes 
off the map faster. This applies to all incident types. Obviously, you don't need 6 police 
units at a single traffic stop, but having two or three units on scene does speed up the 
entire response, leaving the map clear for other incidents to pop up. Thus, if possible, 
send more than one unit to each incident.

* Corollary: You can allocate more than one type of unit to one incident

* If you've played a while, you've probably seen how one type of incident often turn into 
combination incidents, like a fire turn into a fire/injury, or injury turn into injury/
police. Thus, it's not a bad idea to almost always send multiple unit types to a single 
incident if they are available.

* Study the map for choke points for each region of the map for unit pre-positioning

* Some maps have natural choke points for some regions. Divide your various units 
accordingly for optimum coverage of the area. It's not just geographical, but the road 
networks, that should dictate where the units go.

* More units is more important than better units, at least initially

* Try to add one unit every 24-48 hours game time.

* If you don't feel you run out of units during the day, add better equipment to the crew 
of the various units. Try to make all units have the same equipment.

* If you add units, don't forget to add crew and equipment, which would obviously cost 

* Send the right unit sub-type, if you just send one

* Almost all ambulances are about the same (except air ambulance, but that's different 
class), but police and fire have different sub-types.

* Police have sedan, van, and motorcycle. Obviously, motorcycle is best for chases, but it 
can't carry criminals back to the base. Van is slow, but can carry several criminals. 
Sedan is average, and can carry 2 criminals. In general, send a sedan, with motorcycle as 
backup, and van as second backup.

* Watch your units for injuries at end of every day, and hire replacements as needed

* All units can operate with a single crew, but it's not optimal. Hire replacements as 
needed, based on available candidate's skills. Remember to give them the equipment if 
you standardize outfit.
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