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7.62 - High Calibre Cheats

7.62 - High Calibre

This game is titled also "Brigade E6 7.62 High Calibre"

Cheat Codes:
Save the Game in an extra savegame. Open the console, Type in:

ImmortalCheat 1

You are now immortal, but named cheater. Now reload the save you
made. You are still immortal, but no name change. To reverse it,
justdo it the other way around.

Save -> type
ImmortalCheat 0

load the save.

Skill Cheats:
Bring down the console with the Tilde (~) key and enter the cheats.
NOTE: Listed cheats will cause the game to display your name as "CHEATER".

GetSkill [Skillname]
Lists available skills, add a Skill Name after cheat and it tells you the
skill number. 

CheatSkill [Skillname] [Amount]
Use to set your skill number to whatever. Example = "Cheatskill skshooting 99".

Free Shopping:
Type "enter_dev_mode" into the cheat console. Press [Enter] then type shop. 
You will be transported to the shop with everything and then transported back
to your game. 

Serving as a follow-up to Brigade E5, 7.62 is a tactical action game. 
A professional mercenary seeks for a Russian "businessman", who stole 
a lot of money from his "colleagues", then hid in a small country of 
Latin America to avoid inevitable punishment there. Soon the assignment
turns into an intense and dangerous adventure, for there are many things
that must be kept in mind -- intricate political situation, confrontation
between governmental military and rebels, not to mention a necessity to 
choose friends and foes wisely.

General Features:
* Sequel to Brigade E5: New Jagged Union, the best strategy game according
  to the GameLand Award 2005, “Best Computer Games”, “GameLand” and “Game 
  World Navigator” magazines. 
* SPM (Smart Pause Mode) battle system combines RTS dynamics with diverse 
  opportunities of turn-based gameplay. 
* Over 150 accurately modeled firearms with possibility for upgrade.
* Varied ammunition as well as the extensive list of equipment. 
* Non-linear storyline gives you an opportunity to make you own choice – 
  to reach one of multiple endings
* Over 30 mercenaries. 
* Upgraded graphics engine.
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