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7 Days to Die Cheats

7 Days to Die

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
Console mode is a debugging tool, adding a wide range of functionality to the 

The tilde (~) key by default toggles the console screen open and closed. Some of 
these commands can be used through the server control panel.

Note: Codes are case sensitive; "a" is not the same as "A". Shortcuts are only 2 
letters and can be used in place of the command. Command arguments in [square braces]
are optional, while commands in [pointed braces] are not.

Command                                   Shortcut Effect
settime [#]                         st    Sets the current world time.
gameover                            go    Ends a round/match in deathmatch/horde mode.
toggle_blood_off                    NA    Toggles the blood off
toggle_blood_on                     NA    Toggles the blood on
debugmenu [on/off]                  dm    Toggles debug menu (for developers)
spawnentity [player-id] [entity-id] se    Ability to spawn entities near a player.
                                          Example: "se 1807 20" player-id = 0 if you are alone.
kick [player] [reason]              NA    Disconnects a player from the server.
ban [player] [reason]               NA    Permanently disconnects a player from the server.
listents                            le    Lists entities.
listplayers                         lp    Lists players.
enablescopes on/off                 es    Toggles on/off debug scopes.
listthreads                         lt    Lists threads.
setgamepre                          sg    Sets a game preference.
chunkcache                          cc    Shows all currently loaded chunks in the cache.
showchunkdata                       sc    Displays data for current chunk.

(*) Hour notation is military time * 1000 (1000 = 1 hour). 
eg. 0 = Day 1, 16h; 8000 = Day 2, 00h; 16000 = Day 2, 8h; 24000 = Day 2, 12h

Change to day (Day 1, 8am): "st 16000"
View the [player-id]>: "lp"

While playing the game, press F1 key to display the console window. Then, type one of 
the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.
To list all the COMMANDs you can use, open the console in-game and type in help

debugmenu [on/off] - Toggles Debug Mode on or off. This allows God mode (G key), 
the debug menu (ESC), and other unique functionality.

creativemenu - Enables or disables the Creative Menu
giveselfxp [amount] - Increase your experience by [amount]

giveselfskillxp [skill name] [amount] - Increase the specified skill by [amount] of 
experience. The [skill name] MUST be capitalized and spaced correctly. 
For Example: giveselfskillxp Mining Tools 1000

spawnairdrop - Spawns an air drop.

spawnscouts - Spawns a full zombie horde (including several Screamers) in the distance 
and makes it navigate towards the location where the command was used.

spawnsupplycrate - Spawns a supply crate above the player.

starve - Makes the player hungry.

How to Survive Your First Horde:
Written by The Survivemer

A guide on how to survive your first hordes. Several tips for your first safe house and 
constructions of your first horde defense tower. For new players... from a new player. 
Real tips tested in a let’s play, nothing fancy nor impossible ;)
 for Dummies.

-=Tips and Tasks for Your First 7 Days=-

Complete All the Quest First

When the game starts, it will show you some initial quests that serve as the starting tutorials. 
Your initial spawn area is protected, and you won’t be attacked by anything in it. So you are 
safe to stay around the area you spawned. I’m not sure exactly how big this is so don’t go to 

Try to complete all the quest while in this area, even the construction of the 3 blocks and 
placing the campfire. You won’t be able to take those with you, but it doesn’t matter. Just 
complete your quests here. But you will be able to take your bedroll, so take that one. 
It will be used later on your first "safe house”. The last quest that you will receive is 
traveling to a trader. And this is when you will move away from your starting area.

Travel to the Trader

As I said, this will be your last quest. As you start your trip, you will be uncovering areas 
of the map. Do not get distracted too much along the way, as you need to reach the trader and 
find a place to stay before the night comes. You can mark any place of interest in your map 
if you want to come back to it later. As you walk / run to the trader, loot any bird nests 
and trash you see along the way, but keep in mind to go as quick as possible. Time will go 

When you reach the trader, part of the map will be now uncovered. Check it out and notice 
any roads or paths that you have uncovered.

The trader closes its doors at night and you will be kicked out, so don’t think you can 
stay there at night! Once you reach the trader is time to get moving. You can come back to 
the trader later. Now we need to find your first safe location!

-=Find Your First Town or City=-
Now it’s time to decide where to go from the trader. There’s really no correct answer here, 
as the map will be randomly generated. Your best bet is to follow a road in any direction. 
Sooner or later you will hit a town or city.

Again, do not get distracted. Mark things on the map to come back later, but continue going. 
Your objective is to find the first city / town before it gets dark and zombies start running. 
The eventual looting of cars, trash and bird nests is ok. Also knock some trees down and pick 
some boulders on your way. You will need wood and rocks for some crafting during your first 

-=Your First Safe-house=-
Once you find your initial town or city, you will need to choose a safe house. Every town 
will have different type of houses. The best ones to choose as your first safe house are 
the 2 or 3 story high buildings. These have an accessible terrace on the top, that can be 
reached through a wooden ladder attached to the a wall on the last floor.

Beware as these buildings have sleepers on them. Enter them NOT through the doors, but 
through the windows, that are usually quicker to destroy. Try to kill the sleepers with 
arrows while sneaking to them. Clear any remaining zombies inside and head to the top.

When you find the ladder to the roof area, remove the first block by knocking it out 
with your stone axe. This will prevent the zombies from climbing through it. 
You will still be able to climb the ladder by jumping.

If you had luck, you will be on your first house by the end of the first day, when it
 starts to get dark. You should use the night time to stay safe in the roof area, crafting 
and organizing your inventory. You should now place your bedroll here. Also craft and place 
a campfire and some chests to store your loot and materials. Stay here crafting and checking 
out your stats and skill points at night. Day time will be to loot and collect resources.

-=Loot and Preparations for Your First Horde Night=-
Now is time to focus on the preparations for your horde night. You will need a place where 
you can withstand the incoming horde relatively safe. I recommend a very simple 5x5 "tower” 
made of cobblestone, with a surrounding layer of spikes (2 rows if possible).

To construct this you will need to collect lots of wood, rocks and, if possible iron. The 
iron you will get from picking the boulders and rocks at ground level, no mine is needed 
at this moment.

While spending your nights at the rooftop, check the materials needed for crafting a forge. 
This is an indispensable workstation. If you can craft this one during your first 7 days 
it would be great. You will need several leather pieces, that you can get by skinning animals 
or breaking down leather chairs or sofas in town. Scrapping leather clothes too.

You will need all that iron you get from picking boulders. Smelt the iron on your new forge, 
and start crafting the anvil. Once that is done you will have your forge ready to craft 
better tools and materials. Pay attention to your hunger and thirst levels. You can survive 
with berries during this time, but you will be terrible hungry and thirsty. Try to hunt any 
pig / deer you see. Also keep any can and glass jar you find and fill them in any close 
water source (lake, river, pond) from time to time. You will need this! If you are close 
to the snow biome, you will be able to craft potable water with snow, so do this instead.

-=Your First Horde Defense Tower=-
As I said, your aim now should be to build a 5x5 cobblestone tower. You will start by 
crafting the necessary flagstone blocks, and placing them in a 5x5 square in a flat 
location. I recommend doing this relatively close to your safe-house, so your trips back 
and forth are short. The streets are a good choice for this. This tower should NOT have 
any doors or window openings. Just a tower going up for 4-5 levels, so you stay out of 
reach from zombies in the ground. You will be using the wood frames as scaffolding to 
build and go up the tower when needed. No ladder, no stairs!

Once you reached level 4 or 5 of the tower, use wooden frames to make a floor in the top. 
No need to upgrade them. You will be fine. Also add a "overhang” on the top level with the 
wood frames, extending one block, so you can stick out a bit from the border without 
falling. The frames will allow you to shoot through, so don’t upgrade them. The idea of 
this overhang is to be able to shoot arrows through it to kill the zombies that will be 
down on horde night.

Now, it's time for you to craft and place 1-2 layers of spikes surrounding the tower. 
The big single spikes. You will need a lot of them, but they are helpful when the horde 

If you can, upgrade the flagstone walls to cobblestone and the spikes one or two more 
levels (you will need iron for that). This will require more resources, and will keep 
you busy for the first 7 days for sure.

How to Find Traders on Random Gen Map:
Written by infal

This guide walks you through using map save data generated by the game to locate traders 
on a random gen map. Because you need access to the map save data, you may not be able to 
use this technique if you're playing on a server.

-=Locate Map Save Files=-
* The first thing you'll need is to locate the map save files. To do that you will need to know 
  the "Generated World Name" and also where Steam stores your installed games.
* Now, with that info you can locate the map save files. By default, they will be in 
  Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/Data/Worlds/[generated world name].
* Open that folder and look for a file named prefabs.xml

-=Find Info in XML File=-
* Open prefabs.xml in a text editor, I have used Notepad++ and search for the phrase
* Next we need to take note of the position data. The first number, is East/West.  
  The second number is elevation and we can ignore that. The third number is North/South.
* If the first value is negative, the coordinate is West. Positive is East. For the third 
  value, negative is South, positive is North.
* So, for the example in the image above, there should be a trader at 584 East, 192 North.

-=Locate the Trader in Game=-
* Now that we have the coordinates for a trader, start the game and open the map.
* Use the cursor coordinates at the top of the map window to find the coordinates on the 
  map and set a way point.
* Now go to that location and, as expected, a trader is there at 192N, 584E!

Infinite Iron:
Written by Krendalor

Nailgun + Full Auto Mod = As many nails as you have space in your inventory x1000.

Infinite Iron

Level 2 Nailgun or higher
Full Automatic Modification
At least 1 nail
What Do

Step 1: Apply full auto mod onto nailgun
Step 2: Load nailgun
Step 3: Attempt to fire gun
Step 4: Crash (singleplayer or server (server will crash everyone on the server and the server)
Step 5: Reload game
Step 6: Attempt to modify nailgun (holding it again will immediately crash you and the server)
Step 7: Have every empty slot in your inventory become filled with full stacks of nails. (Profit)
Step 8: Do it again if you want to

First 30 Starter Perks:
Written by theurbanwatcher

7 days to die suggested starter skill progression for alpha 17. This guide takes into 
consideration the best way to level up and explains how to branch off depending on your playstyle.

-=New Leveling System Explained=-
Alpha 17 introduces a more traditional RPG based leveling skill system. The way it works is you 
have to gain experience and dump the points into PERCEPTION, STRENGTH, FORTITUDE, AGILITY, 
Once you have enough points put into the base attribute, you will unlock more and more advanced 
perks under each base attribute. The way to best spec your character will depend on your playstyle.

This guide will take the traditional base builder path. However, after level 15 you may pick 
and choose from there.

Currently, the best path to level up your character is to kill zombies so the first few levels 
will get your character up and running to clear out buildings and point farm the zombies for 
easy levels.

Base Builder - Suggested First 30 Perk Progression
Playstyle: Base Builder
This is the suggested first 30 perks you should get if you are wanting to build a base 
and test your wits against the hordes.

Power Leveling: The fastest way to gain experience is to kill zombies. The most consistent 
method of killing zombies is to bash their brains out with a club. Level 1 - 15 is designed 
to give you a character that can clear out buildings, find loot, and kill zombies. 
Spend the first 15 levels killing zombies and point farming.

Base Building: The game has always been about seeing how long you can last against the hordes. 
This build will allow you to begin craft the forge, workshop, cement, weapons, traps, and 

Power Leveling:
Written by theurbanwatcher

Fortitude - Healing Factor - Level 1
Strength - Pack Mule - Level 1
Strength - Skull Crusher - Level 1
Fortitude - Slow Metabolism - Level 1
Agility - Rule 1: Cardio - Level 1
Perception - Lucky Looter - Level 1
Strength - Attribute Strength Base Level 2
Strength - Pack Mule - Level 2
Intellect - Attribute Intellect Base Level 2
Intellect - Master Chef - Level 1
Strength - Mother Lode - Level 1
Strength - Mother Lode - Level 2
Strength - Attribute Strength Base Level 3
Strength - Attribute Skull Crusher - Level 2
Strength - Mother Lode - Level 3
Base Builder Mode

Intellect - Attribute Intellect Base Level 3
Intellect - Attribute Intellect Base Level 4
Intellect - Hammer & Forge - Level 1
Intellect - Attribute Intellect Base Level 5
Intellect - Hammer & Forge - Level 2
Intellect - Advanced Engineering - Level 1
Perception - Salvage Operations - Level 1
Perception - Attribute Perception Base Level 2
Perception - Lucky Looter - Level 2
Perception - Salvage Operations - Level 2
Intellect - Attribute Intellect Base Level 6
Intellect - Hammer & Forge - Level 3
Intellect - Attribute Intellect Base Level 7
Intellect - Advanced Engineering - Level 2
Intellect - Yeah, Science! - Level 1

Console Commands:

You don’t require to make it possible for the console, just launch the game as well as press:

F1: US & EU
“: US
@: EU
Ö/Ø/F2: Scandinavia
Ñ: Spanish

Now you can utilize these 7 Days to Die Console Commands:

-=Console Commands=-
help : Explains the command of your choice
admin add : Adds a player to the admin list with the permission level (0 to 1000) of your choice
admin remove : Removes a player from the admin list
ban add [reason]: Bans a player for “duration” in “duration units”, reason is optional
aiddebug: toggles AIDirector
Ban List: A list of banned players
ban remove : Removes a player from the ban list
buff : You will get the buff of your choice (check Ids below)
buffplayer : The player of your choice will get the buff of your choice (check Ids below)
chunkcache: All loaded chunks
Clear: To clear the console
cp add : Gives a permission level to the command
cp remove : Removes the persmission level of the command
creativemenu: Toggles the creative menu
cp list: List of Command permisions
deathscreen : enables or disables the blood-filled death screen
debuff : Removes the buff of your choice (From you)
debuffplayer : Removes the buff of your choice (From the player of your choice)
debugmenu [on/off]: Toggles Debug mode
enablescope : Toggles debug scope
exhausted: Makes you exhausted
exportcurrentconfigs: For mod development
exportitemicons: For wiki editing
getgamepref: List of game preferences
getgamestat: List of game stats
gettime: Days & time
gfx af <1 or 0>: enables or disables anisotropic filtering
gfx dti: to set distant terrain instancing
givequest: Gives you a quest (check Ids below)
gfx dtpix: to set distant terrain pixel error
giveself [quality level]: Spawns items
giveselfxp : Gives experience
kick [reason]: To kick a player
kickall [reason]: to kick all
killall: to kill all
lights: toggles lights around entities
listents: List of entities
listlandclaim: List of Land claim blocks
listplayerids: List of players & Ids
listplayers: List of players
listthreads: List of threads
loggamestate [true/false]: Info about the state of the game
loglevel : Log messages shown
mem: Memory info & garbage collector
memcl: Memory info on client & garbage collector
pplist: Persistent player data
removequest: Removes a quest (check Ids below)
repairchunkdensity [fix]: To repair the chunk density in the coordinates of your choice
saveworld: to manually save
say : server message
setgamepref : check preferences using the gg command
setgamestat : check game stats using the sgs command
settempunit : temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
settime : to set the time (avoid this command)
showalbedo: Toggles display of albedo in gBuffer.
showchunkdata: Current chunk
showclouds: to show clouds
shownexthordetime: Horde time
shownormals: normal maps in gBuffer
showspecular: specular values in gBuffer
shutdown: to shut the game down
sounddebug: Toggles SoundManager debug
spawnairdrop: to spawn an air drop
spawnscouts: To spawn 1 screamer
spawnscreen: Displays spawn screen
spawnsupplycrate: to spawn a supply crate
spawnwh: to spawn a wandering horde
spectrum : to force a lightning spectrum
starve: Makes you hungry
staticmap: Toggles map static/dynamic
switchview: 1st or 3rd person
systeminfo: Current system info
teleport : Teleport to coordinates
teleportplayer : Teleport player 1 to player 2 location
thirsty: Makes you thirsty
traderarea: ??
updatelighton :??
version: version of the game
water: water settings (check the settings below)
weather: weather settings (check the settings below)
whitelist add : To add a player to the whitelist
weathersurvival : Toggles weather survival
whitelist remove : to remove a player from the whitelist
whitelist list: Players included in the white list

-=Ids & resources=-
If you are going to use the 7 Days to Die Console Commands, 
you will also need:

Buffs List: 7 Days To Die\Data\Config\buffs.xml
Quests list: 7 Days To Die\Data\Config\quests.xml
Item List: 7 Days To Die\Data\Config\items.xml
Water Settings: type help water
Weather Settings: type help weather

How to Increase Skills and Perks:
-=Method #1: Cheats=-
First, when you go to choose your game save to continue, there is some 
settings on the right hand side. Look through those and find Cheats 
Enabled and check that box.

Now continue your game and bring up the console by hitting F1 (to exit 
the console just hit F1 again), type the following commands and hit enter:

giveselfxp 10000

* 3,702,129 XP will get you to level 60
* 9,305,889 XP will get you to level 90

-=Method #2: Modding=-
Make a backup before changing anything. Or worst case scenerio, you can 
verify in steam and it will set the "progression.xml" back to defualt.

Below are basic game level, sp, and xp settings and what each of them mean:

* max_level= Changes the max level a player can reach in game.
* exp_to_level= Changes the baseline xp required to level up.
* experience_multiplier= Changes how much xp increases for each level starting 
  at baseline (baseline*(1.05^level)).
  * Level 2 = 11,025xp
  * Level 60 = 186,792xp
* skill_points_per_level= Changes the amount of skill points a player gets 
  for leveling up.
* clamp_exp_cost_at_level= Changes which level the xp multiplier is capped 
  at (i.e every level from 60 and up is a static amount of xp needed to level 
  up–186,792) .

Below are the basics for all 5 main attributes and what they mean.

* min_level= Changes the lowest level allowed and which level is 
  unlocked at start.
* max_level= Changes the highest level allowed.
* base_skill_point_cost= Changes the baseline skill points required 
  to unlock each level.
* cost_multiplier_per_level= Same as xp mutli…changes the how many SP are 
  neeeded to unlock each level starting with baseline (1*(1.14)^level).

* Perk settings for each attribute starts at:

This works the same way as attributes. Min/Max(0-5) levels. SP cost. There’s a 
cost multi setting but is set to 1 by default, making each level cost 1sp 
each and never increase.

Easy Distance Achievements (Cheat):
Written by Immomeister

I think many people had problems with this achievement, and there were no 
easy ways to get it.

The easiest way to get the following achievements:
* Christopher Columbus
* Ferdinand Magellan
* Marco Polo
* Neil Armstrong

* Create new game \ load existing game.
* Open console – F1 key.

* Type in:
  buff god
  teleport 0 0 10000000

* Done!

Infinite Iron/Steel:
Written by krazymantoast

First, I cannot believe this guide has not already been made (I tried searching 
the Steam guides). Second, I thought maybe I shouldn't because TFP's are awesome 
at making the fun parts of the game more difficult when we find a way around it. 
Oh well, use it while you can.

I have used this loophole to get infinite iron/steel on many servers, including
PvP. It is much easier to stay hidden in your base and make all the iron/steel 
you need than risk going outside and making all that noise mining.

-=Infinite Iron/Steel=-
1.You must have read all the Robotic Turret magazines. It is by far always the 
  first collection of magazines I finish due to its high drop rate. I usually 
  have the set completed by the time I am using a forge or even considering 
  crafting steel.

2.Craft Robotic Turret ammo boxes, I use the boxes of AP turret ammo as it uses 
  the most but returns the most in the same time in the forge.

3.Open the boxes of Robotic Turret ammo and place them in the forge. (They must 
  have been opened to work, the forge will not cook an unopened ammo box)

4.Cook out the scrap iron and craft it into additional boxes of Robotic Turret 
  ammo and repeat.

That is it. You will gain extra iron with each box you craft, open, and smelt. 
Just skim off the top and you can use the extra iron/steel for making weapons, 
or upgrading your fortress into steel. I will usually have 4 forges just running
this iron/turret ammo operation along with a couple workbenches(to offload the 
turret box crafting time) and it performs well. I have used up to 6 or 12 forges
and had so much steel I didn't know what to do with it all.

Numbers: The Robotic Turret ammo(AP) box costs 4800 iron at the discount after 
learning all the turret magazines. You will get a total of 6000 iron after it 
has cooked into the forge, you can place a stack of 1000 in each input slot of
the forge, so gaining 1200 (2400 if each input slot has a full stack) iron per
box. 1200 (2400) doesn't sound like much but if you have 4, 6, or 9 forges 
cranking it out from the safety of your base then the payout is huge.

Hint for finding the Robotic Turret magazines. I usually find them in the electric 
utility trucks and any POI that has the truck parked in/near it. Any utility 
building like a power station, it usually has a few power looking poles, power
boxes on the walls, etc... and obviously book stores if they haven't been 
scavenged yet. Always check all the mailboxes and newspaper stands in the city 
area. If in PvP, I will run basically naked into the city and try to find the 
books, once you read the book it doesn't matter if you die, knowledge is power.

Infinite Items from a Single Point of Interest:
Written by Mochi

Using quests from traders to loot a point of interest as many time as we want.

1.Get a Fetch quest from trader from whatever tier you want. (Pretty sure you 
  can use this method with Clear quests too but didn’t test it).
2.Get to the point of interest where you have the quest. Loot the area if you 
  didn’t already loot it before the quest. Activate the rally point and loot 
  everything again. Make sure not pick up the treasure for the trader.
3.Get back to where you activated the rally point and “Exit” the game to get 
  to the main menu. Join your world and the quests should reset and you should
  be able to activate the rally point again.

Early Game Tip to Get the Most Feathers:
1. Press E on nest to open its inventory.
2. Don’t take and exit the inventory.
3. Use your axe to break the nest and get feathers.
4. Loot the blue bag that was once the nest.

How to Create Vehicle Ramps:
Written by ApeirogonGames

-=In General=-
Use cobblestone to make flagstone blocks. The wedge tips are in the shape menu 
there. To make the wood wedges you’ll need a table saw, so might as well just use 
flagstone. The vehicle can still damage the block when you drive over though. 
Motorcycles are ok but the 4×4 will eventually break it.

* Load your server/game.
* Press F1 to open the console and type “dm” without the quotes and then press enter.
* Type “cm” without the quotes and then press enter.
* Press F1 again to close the console.
* Press the U key to open the creative menu.
* Search for “narrow” without the quotes and the first 4 blocks you see are the ones 
  you need to construct a ramp that won’t damage your vehicles. They are called Wedge
  Narrow High, Wedge Narrow Middle, Wedge Narrow Low, and Wedge Narrow Tip.
* If you’re trying to align the top of your ramp with the terrain, you will find that 
  there’s a small gap your vehicles can get stuck on. Use the “plate ramp” block going 
  up (/) and then a few “plate” blocks to space out a straight bit, then another “plate
  ramp” going down () to smoothly blend into the terrain.
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