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3D Ultra Radio Control Racers Cheats

3D Ultra Radio Control Racers

To use these cheat codes, type them in during a race. 
If you pause the game by hitting P, you can type in the 
cheats while the game is paused. Typing SLIPPERY will 
unpause and then pause the game again, so try to type it 
fast. Another good time to enter a code is after the loading 
screen, just before the track announcer shouts, "Go!" 

Code       Result 
BOUNCY   - extra-springy vehicles and track boundaries 

STICKY   - increased traction for all cars (works well with the 
           MOON cheat) 

SLIPPERY - loss of traction, like driving on ice 

TURBO    - double your normal car speed (works well with the 
           HEAVY cheat) 

WAR      - unlimited Bottle Rockets for everyone (Ghost power-ups 
           are invaluable in this mode) 

GHOST    - all "ghosted" vehicles (no collisions) 

HITME    - aggressive computer drivers who ram you when you are in 
           their way 

MOON     - reduced gravity 

HEAVY    - increased gravity 

Extra $200:
Enter your name as i cheat, then type the cheat code MONEY 
in the Upgrade menu.

Difficulty: Insane
This used to be a great place to race... but recently it's become a 
little creepy. Maybe it has something to do with the nearby graveyard. 
Drivers must avoid the mausoleum slime ghost, dodge the skeleton hands, 
and avoid the swarm of bats on their way from the belfry.
Watch out for:
The mausoleum's resident ghost will fly out and dive onto the track, 
leaving behind a slimy trail of ectoplasm. Most unpleasant to drive 
through. Bats fly out of the tree when its roots are struck. Watch 
out for this distraction. 

Track Tips:
An unstable vortex on the track will try to suck cars into another 
dimension if they get too close. By forcing your opponents into it, 
you can put some serious distance between you and them. Just be careful 
not to get stuck in the vortex yourself.  

Hillbilly Hill
Difficulty: Medium
With jugs of moonshine and a still, wild animals crossing 
the racetrack, and a variety of traps, this tack can unnerve 
with the best drivers.
Watch out for:
Wallace the meandering turtle will act like a speed bump if 
your racer hits him.
Don't let the curious raccoon, who'll pop his head out of 
his burrow to get a closer look at the radio controlled ruckus, 
get in your way.
A runaway chicken will pounce on and hold back your car if you 
let it get too close.      

Track Tips:
On this track is a moving tire swing, which will whack your 
racer if it hits it. If you can force your opponent into the 
path of the tire swing, they'll be knocked off course, allowing 
you to zoom ahead. 

Difficulty: Medium
The ultimate in backyard RC entertainment! This track makes 
use of every item that can be found in the back yard. 
Hazards are abundant on this track, so drive with caution!
Watch out for:
Fish swim around the small fishpond and spit water at the cars 
at random intervals.
The resident gopher will pop out of his hole when he is disturbed. 
Hitting him will cause cars to go spinning out of control.
Those nasty Lawn Gnomes want revenge! The Gnomes throw bombs at 
the passing cars, and giggle when the bombs go off.     

Track Tips:
Watch out for the dog house! Get too close to the dog's bone, 
and he'll chew on your car until he feels his bone is safe. 
You can use this to your advantage by forcing your opponents 
into his range when rounding the turn. 

Power Ups : 
Give Yourself The Edge 
Power Ups can be disabled at any time for no-nonsense racing! 
Turbo Boost
When a Turbo Boost power up is activated, your racer is given 
a short burst of additional speed. Although this acceleration 
is brief, in a close race it might be just enough to send you 
over the finish line ahead of your opponents. 

Bottle Rocket
Your racer launches a Bottle Rocket that "homes in" on the 
lead racer. Racers hit by a Bottle Rocket become momentarily 
uncontrollable. Because the Bottle Rocket cannot make sharp 
turns, skillful drivers can sometimes elude them. 
Electro Shock
When an Electro Shock power up is activated, your racer is 
engulfed in an arching ball of electricity that strikes any 
opponents that attempt to pass. Racers that are zapped by 
this electricity slow down for a short period of time. 

A firecracker is released behind your car with a three-second 
fuse. A racer that hits the firecracker instantly triggers 
an explosion as well. When it explodes, racers that are caught 
in its blast radius are knocked over. 
Ghost Drive
Your racer becomes "Ghosted" (transparent) and is no 
longer affected by your opponent's power ups. Ghost 
Drive also lets your racer drive through water hazards 
such as ponds, lakes, rivers, or sprinklers without 
slowing down. 
Oil Slick
A pool of oil is released from the rear of your racer. 
Racers that drive over an oil slick lose traction and 
become uncontrollable for a short period of time.
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