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30 Seconds to Jail Cheats

30 Seconds to Jail

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Endings Guide:
Written by Tsupy

This guide will help you get all the endings and achievements. Spoilers alert!

No ideas?
Open the door for the stranger and pick up the drug (or not). 
Then just keep waiting until time is out.

Clear your conscience
Don't pick up the drug. Just open the door waiting the cops to get you.

Defenders of animals clearly wouldn't like it
Use you drug as dog food to feed the dog.

Easy way to end everything
Pick up the knife in the kitchen. 
Select the knife to interact with it three times.

Run, Forrest, Run!
Pick up the drug and open the window in the left side of the house. Well then, run.


Pick up the drug and open the window. 
Interact with the black bag and give the bird your drug.

In the name of the law
Pick up the key under the doormat. Use the key to open the locked drawer in the 
bedroom. Pick up the suit and use it. Then answer the door.

Just throw it out of your head
Dump your drug to the trash can in kitchen.

Plants vs Drugs
Put your drug into the can (beside the locked drawer) in the bedroom.

But what if?..
Do nothing for a while when the stranger is knocking at your door.

What u gonna do when they come for you?
Find all five candles in the house. 
Put them like a five-pointed star in kitchen. 
Use the lighter to light them up. 
Go to bedroom and search the drawer beside the bed. 
Pick up the bible and put it between the two stars on low side. 
Answer the door and get the drug. 
Put the drug between the two stars on the lower right side. 
Use the knife to cut yourself in the array.

Wrong ingridients, Jesse

Collect all the ingredients:
* Water in kitchen 
* Red liquid in bedroom 
* Blue liquid in the locked drawer in bedroom 
  (need the key under the doormat to get it) 
* Vital acid in bathroom

Then put them in the pot in kitchen in the order of water, acid, blue liquid and 
red liquid. Put the drug in the pot.
Use the lighter (find it in bedroom) to light the fire.

Fast and quiet
The hints are in the sheet in bedroom. Focus on the pixel block on the underside 
of the sheet. Call the numbers while the cops are knocking at your door - 720602.
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