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25 To Life Cheats

25 To Life

Submitted by: conner54

Find the "easy.var" file in the "\25 to life\data\var" folder. Uncheck the read-only 
attribute of the file then use a text editor to open it. Find the "AI2PlayerDamage 0.14"
line and chane the "0.14" to "0.00". You will now get no damage when the game is played 
under the easy difficulty setting.

Level 1 "Warehouse" bonuses: 
Get to your car: Freeze's Starting Outfit. Take two Human Shields: 25 To Life Decals.
Defeat 20 enemies: Flaming Beanie. 

Level 2 "Apartment" bonuses: 
Return to you car: Rick Ta Life outfit Cover up 4 tags: Black Bandanna. Defeat 25 enemies: 
Barbed Wire Hat. 

Level 3 "Downtown" bonuses:
Escape to your getaway car: Bank Robbing Outfit. Break into ATMs (shoot them): Gold Earrings.
Complete level without dying: White Sweatband. Defet 25 Enemies: Westside Knife Tat. 

Level 4 "Culdesac" bonuses:
Get the evidence to Mendoza's car: Officer Williams. Keep your partner alive: Tactical Vest.
Apprehend 5 felons: Kneepads (Take out the Zapper, stun them, go up to them and arrest them).
Achieve 20% Accuracy: Holster. 

Level 5 "Club" bonuses:
Get to the subway: DJ Envy Outfit. Apprehend 4 drug dealers: ATF Decals (dealers are the 
white people with green jerseys). Achieve 25% Accuracy: Big Mustache. Register 8 Head 
Shots: Riot Helmet. 

Level 6 "Subway" bonuses:
Trap Shaun in subway train: Shaun's Getaway Outfit. Free a cop: Full Tac Harness. 
Achieve 30% Accuracy: Big Dawg Tat. Defeat 24 enemies: Sideburns. 

Level 7 "Tijuana" bonuses:
Find Riggs at the club: Shaun's TJ Outfit. Tag over 4 gang tags: Mexican Flag Bandanna.
Defeat 60 enemies: Clock Cap Decal. 

Level 8 "Casino" bonuses:
Escape with loot: Federates Outfit. Rob five cash carts: Triple Bracelets. Defeat 45 
enemies: Oozie Chest Tat. Register 12 headshots: Scorpion Black Tat. 

Level 9 "Penthouse" bonuses: 
Register 16 headshots: Chest Flame Tat. Defeat 32 enemies: Camo Pants. 

Level 10 "Prison"bonuses:
Finish level: Freeze's Prison Outfit. Protect Lazarus: Chinese Pain Tat.
Defeat 30 enemies: No Parole Decal. 

Level 11 "Mall" bonuses:
Finish level: Freeze's Mall Outfit. Break into 5 ATMs: Black Gloves.
Complete level without dying: Red Hightops. 

Level 12 "Hacienda" bonuses: 
Kill Shaun: Daz and Tech N9ne. Defeat 30 Enemies: G Cap Decal.
Find 5 secret stashes: Bulldog Chain (in the Waterpool Courtyard there are two stashes 
in the vases. In front of the house on the right side in the yard is a stash in a vase. 
On the deck before entering is a vase with a stash. Before you fight Shaun there is a
Vase with a stash in front on the spiral staircase). 

Beatdown bonus level:
Successfully complete all twelve levels. The bonus level is just fifteen waves, and there 
is no reward.

Apartment: Hidden rifle:
On level 2, "Apartment", when you go past your first tagging location, kill all policemen. 
There should be an apartment on the bottom floor, in the northern wing on the right. It is 
apartment number 15. Open the door and find the room behind the curtain. On the table in the 
corner is a high powered rifle for the taking.

Tijuana: Defeating heavily armed enemies:
On the Tijuana mission where you get the sniper rifle and the man says, "Now the Federales 
are after me!", you are confronted by a group of men with rifles. They will be on the rooftop 
directly across the courtyard from where you are standing. The following is an easy way to 
dispatch them. Step to back into the corner and look just above the shack with the red roof. 
You can just barely see the head of each sniper, but they cannot see you. Take them out one by 
one until there are none remaining. You will save a lot of ammo by doing this. Then, go through 
the courtyard and around the corner. You are now rushed by several enemies. Duck behind the rear 
of the police car and snipe the men in the head as they come around the corner. You will save 
even more ammunition by doing this. Around the next corner there are several more lambs to the 
slaughter. Duck behind cover before you go any further. Make some noise so that they will come 
around the corner exposing themselves. Snipe their heads. Note: One of them has a rocket 
launcher; take him out first if you get rushed.

25 to life (solve) v1.00:
For the european PC version of the game

submited by: Olteanu Ionel, Romania
E-mail : 


I found out that no one is interested in writing a walkthrough for 25 to life. Since I finished 
the game, I thought Ithat I might write a walkthrough.
This is my first FAQ and I am from Romania so I hope that you will forgive me for any mistakes 
or errors. For critics, sugestions,comments and things to add, send me a e-mail at 
Also, this FAQ is protected by copyright. You cannot sell this, put this FAQ onyour website 
without my permission, or any other violation of copyright law. You can, however, save this 
file in something like My Documents. You can also print this out too.


Chapter 1 - One Last Deal


01 Warehouse
Freeze arrived at the West Harbor Warehouse ready to the deal but the money drop has gone bad. 
Detective Maria Mendoza was waiting for you and the Colombians were dead before you got there. 
The Police are about to swarm the area and Mendoza is going to pin a double murder on you. 
Escape any means.

*Primary Objective:
Fight your way to the warehouse - You shoot a few cops, nothing hard and learn the basica controls. 
You will see a fence in front of you. Do not touch it.
Power off the electrical fence - Shoot the cops then jump over a fence and power off the electric 
Get to your car - Go back to the electrical fence. The gate is open. Climb the lather shoot 2 cops 
then enter to a building( garage). There are some cops and 3 hostages. Use the human shields to 
protect yourself from cops. Use the 3rd hostage to get out of the garage. Outside are cops. 
Also you can find a healing pack outside. Shoot all the cops and go to your car.

*Secondary objectives
Take 2 Human Shields - you will find 3 hostages in the garage
Defeat 20 enemies - esay to do. you must shoot allmost all the cops to complete the mission
Achive 15% accuracy - very esay. the first time I played the game, my accuracy was 25 %.


02 Apartment
The police are after you, but so are the 22nd street D-boys, who have heard you are trying to 
get out of the crew. This is going to make meeting Shawn at your apartment more difficult. 
Head to your apartment but try to avoid the police and your former partners in crime.

*Primary Objective:
Get to the apartment (building 4, apartment 25) - When you start the mission walk (hold Shift, 
if you walk, the cops won't shoot you) forward and you will see the 1st tag (to cover a tag hold 
right click). Walk left then left and upstairs you will see the apartment 22. Go right and you 
will see the 2nd tag. Near the tag is a cop. Kill the cop abd take his gun, then cover the tag. 
Go left and you wil see 3 cops near a building. The apartment 25 is upstairs. Run to the 
apartment and shoot to the cops. You will not kill them, but you will get to the apartment. 
Enter to the apartment.

Return to your car - You will find a healing package. Search for a weapon in the apartment. 
It's better than your pistol. Go to the second door of the apartment. Go down stairs then go 
forward and you will find the 3rd tag. Cover it and then go upstairs again. Get out of the 
apartment and go to the apartment 22. In your way you will shoot cops and D-boys. Allways look 
up, because there are a lot of D-boys, and look for healing packages. In the apartment 22 you 
will find 2 boys. Shoot them. You will also find a healing package. Go to the second door. Jump 
and run to your car.

*Secondary objectives
Cover up 4 tags. - I writed where you will find them.
Defeat 25 enemies. - Not very esay to do.


03 Downtown
You are de3sperate for a large amount of money to get back your wife and child, who are being 
held by Calderon. You see little choice but to turn to that you have known your entire life, 
Crime. Rob the 1st Terrace National Bank and escape with the cash by any means necessary

*Primary Objective:
Rob the bank - Go forward, then go left. Enter in the safe and take the bag. Very esay.
Sneak out to the back exit - You are in the safe. Go forward, left, left, forward,left. 
Escape to your getaway car - You will see a car. take the sniper from the car. Then go left, 
left. Go upstairs. Go left. Forward is a cop with a sniper. Shoot him(press z to zoom) . 
Go right. GO upstairs. Right. Left. You enter a building. Go right and get out the building. 
Go left. Left. Right. Go downstairs and you will see a car. End.

*Secondary objectives
Break into 4 ATMs
Complete the level without dying
Defeat 25 enemies
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