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11th Hour Cheats

11th Hour

Cheat Codes:
This cheat allows you to either watch the entire video of the game (except
the ending), or to access any part of the house (but the puzzles are not
solved for you). During the starting screen (the screen with the four s
kulls), type "Zaphod Beeblebrox", followed by "Eleventh Hour" (or possibly
the other way around ;). If you don't hear a bell, try pressing F12 first,
then retyping the above.

Here is a list of treasure hunt items, including the order to find them, 
and the location of each.


1  Tonic   Water Library
2  Cock   Dutton's room
3  Satyr   Picture gallery
4  Globe   Library
5  Tablet   Lab
6  Redbreast(Robin)  Foyer
7  Desk   Library
8  Torso   Picture gallery
9  Liquor   Dutton's room
10  Irish setter  Games room
11  Grandfather clock  Foyer
12  Straight razor  Bathroom
13  Orange   Dining room
14  Nightmare   Knox's room
15  Great dane  Library
16  Televison   Dutton's room
17  Organ   Chapel
18  Ivory Tower(rook)  Attic
19  Torch   Chapel
20  Grater   Kitchen
21  Disc   Lab
22  Toothpaste  Bathroom
23  Guillotine   Temple's room
24  Gardenia   2nd floor hall
25  Rose   Burden's room
26  Earring   Heine's room
27  Harp   Music room
28  Nutcracker   Hallway
29  Eyeball   Games room
30  Blade   Temple's room
31  Locomotive  Attic
32  Sheets   Burden's room
33  Cleaver   Kitchen
34  Lion   Hallway
35  Port   Knox's room
36  Rattle   Nursery
37  XI (on clock)  Foyer(on the clock)
38  Inkstand   Library

If you hit P twice during the skull "monitor adjust" screen,
then you can right-click to skip all the title stuff.

Skip introductory sequence:
Type PP during the monitor adjustment screen that displays a skull.
Right-click at the title screen to bypass the introductory sequence.

Advance in game:
Go to the skull load-in screen. Type the following case-sensitive text, with
spaces as noted: Roberto Dan R Zaphod B [Space]

After you type Roberto, Stauf will say, " Duh.... that's not it Karl!".
Ignore him, he
is trying to trick you. After the B, type [Space], then any of the following
letters to
get to that point in the game:

A: End of disc one.
S: End of disc two.
D: End of disc three.
F: End of disc four.
E: The "Olive In Stein" riddle, good for using the Kellyn code.
G: The very end, at the "Let's Make A Real Deal" intermission sequence.

Ending bonus:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Open House" file.
Load it to be able to play any puzzle an unlimited number of times.

Kaleidoscope screensaver:
Start the game and go anywhere in the mansion. Remain idle and eventually
the colors on the screen at that time will blend together as a screensaver.
It is different from every viewpoint in the mansion.

Hidden video:
Go to the television In Dutton's room at a point where you can see the
close-up view. Type Kellyn to see a hidden video.

Mocking cheaters:
In The 7th Guest, typing Zaphod Beeblebrox gave you open house access. Doing
this in The 11th Hour will only cause Stuaf to mock you.

Myst reference:
Get to a point in the game where you have access to the altar room. On the
side here, is a bowl you can click. There is a page sticking out among the 
bones that says "Missed". This is an obvious reference to Myst and pages, 
the game that the 7th Guest was accused of trying to mimic.

Screen saver:
The game includes a mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic screen saver. To activate it,
just stand idle for a long period of time. This can be done anywhere in the
house, including during puzzles. This screen saver is not mentioned anywhere
in the documentation.

Unusual video on Dutton's TV screen:
In Brian Dutton's room on the second floor, click the "rolling eyeball" icon
on the television set to get a closer look. Type in the name "Kellyn" and a 
short video clip will play on the television screen.
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