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Yooka-Laylee Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Go to Steam Folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam”, then userdata, then 
random number its only one folder, then go to “360830” and we are done 
with  the Save Game Location.

* profile.dat
* slot.dat

Here you will see a bunch of game settings, you can edit them as you need 
or like in the example below, using Notepad.


 "player": {
   "playtime": 99999,
   "moveEnabled": [

   "savegamePreview": [
        "playtime": 99999,  
        "pagies": 99999,  
        "quillies": 99999
        "playtime": 99999,  
        "pagies": 99999,  
        "quillies": 99999
        "playtime": 99999,  
        "plagies": 99999,  
        "quillies": 99999

* Collect every Quill you can. You’re going to need to purchase all of Trowzer’s
  powers if you want to complete the game and find every Pagie, so don’t miss 
  out on any, and make sure you grab any Pagie you can.
* Prioritize moves for each world, and never leave a world until you’ve collected 
  them all. You never know when you might need a power, so make sure you’re 
  prepared by buying them all before continuing the story.
* Stumped? Can’t get past a section? Try thinking outside the box. Yooka-Laylee 
  is built like puzzle platformers of the N64 era, which means the solutions to 
  the problems won’t always be right there in plain sight. Alternatively, maybe 
  you’re thinking too hard. Try something simple, as sometimes the solution is 
  the easiest possible answer.
* Collect every Pagie you can before moving on to new worlds. Some Pagies will 
  require moves you don’t have yet, so come back them when you get a move that 
  feels like it should work in that situation.
* Expand before unlocking. Players can expand each of the game’s five worlds one 
  time. We’d suggest expanding each world before you unlock new worlds, as this 
  will keep you from getting too lost when you revisit those worlds to acquire 
  new Pagies you couldn’t unlock before.

Experiment with new powers:
This is possibly the most important thing you can do in Yooka-Laylee. It’s a 
game that doesn’t really tell you what to do, or how to do it, so whenever you 
find something that seems impassable, it’s worth trying out that new move you 
just bought. It won’t work every time, but it might give you ideas for later 
on, or perhaps for something you saw somewhere else.
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