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XXZ: XXL Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick Start Guide:
Written by Ben

A quick start up guide to the game.

This is a match 3 game. If you've never played the type before, the idea 
is to get 3 or more blocks of the same type connected together in a row 
or column. More complicated connections produce better results, ie 4 or 
5 in a row. You get to move on block on the game grid by one place. 
Click on a block and click on a neighbouring block to swap them over. 

You can only move blocks that are next to each other, and only if the 
move will make a 3 or more block connection.

-=Your Team=-
You have 3 team members, each with different stats. Only the right hand 
member is active, that's the one that willl deliver and take damage.

Each character has a different background colour, brown, red and blue. 

Important!!!! If the red character is active, matching red blocks will 
damage the zombie. Matching blue or brown will give xp to that coloured 
character but will not do any damage. As you swap team members obviously 
the blocks you need to match change too.

There are 2 other blocks, purple and green. Mathing purple give xp, green 
health, neither does damage.

Your team has health and damage stats. Each team member is different. 
At the bottom of their card you will see their health and how much is left 
for that card. 
If it drops to zero you die but don't lose the xp you've gained.

At the top of the card you see the damage they inflict on a normal attack.

The same stats show up for the zombie girls as well. Please note that early 
on some of your team can have attacks so weak as to almost cause more trouble 
than they're worth.

Each successful attack delivered will give xp to the attacker, purple matches 
give xp to everyone. Matching on a non active card won't damage the zombie 
but will grant xp. There is a big xp boos given once a stage is cleared.

The xp bar will slowly fill up, when it maxes out the card will level up 
giving an important boost to stats.

-=Zombie Attacks=-
Zombies carrying no weapons do simple claw damage.

Zombies with blades cause blled damage. The bleed damage will continue each 
turn until you match a heal, even if the card is swapped out.

Zombies with baseball bats and axes cause stun damage that prevents the 
stunned card from doing any damage that turn. The stun cannot be avoided, 
but the card can be swapped out on your next turn.

-=Possible Tactics=-
You can grind xp. especially on non weapon carrying zombies by matching 
blocks that don't match your active card.

Healing costs a move that could be spent causing damage. It isn't always 
wise to heal a bleed, especially if the knife zombie is the active zombie.

The active zombie will rotate out if it gets below half health without dying 
and willl then slowly heal. It might be useful to just hit weapon carrying 
zombies hard to force them out and then grind for xp.

To clear the level you will need to be delivering damage faster than the 
zombies at the back are healing. This can be near impossible with the weaker 
team members. Just keep an eye on your health and you'll be fine.
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