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X-COM 3 - Apocalypse Cheats

X-COM 3 - Apocalypse

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Indra Permata Dinda

1. Activating cheat mode for X-COM Apocalypse Cityscape:
Hold down [Alt] and type "UFO CHEAT" from the main interface, if you mistype it
or it doesn't work, hold down [Alt] and press any key other than [U], then try 
again. You will get visual confirmation that the cheat mode has been activated 
on the message bar.

The Codes:

Result                                 Code
Cancel cheat mode                    - [Alt] + [Esc]
Get one more of all equipment        - [Alt] + [Numpad Plus]
Flip dimension                       - [Alt] + 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Auto-save on / off                   - [Alt] + A
Force Base mission                   - [Alt] + B
Force UFOs to crash                  - [Alt] + C
Dimension map cheat on / off         - [Alt] + D
Build base facilities cheat on / off - [Alt] + F
Test alien dimension                 - [Alt] + G
Get $100000                          - [Alt] + M
Show no. of aliens in buildings      - [Alt] + N
Finish project instantly on / off    - [Alt] + P
Allow all manufacture on / off       - [Alt] + Q
Allow all research on / off          - [Alt] + R
Force Overspawn                      - [Alt] + S
Force apocalypse (terror) mission    - [Alt] + T
View all ufopaedia on /off           - [Alt] + V
Get one of each vehicle              - [Alt] + X
Show all people tube connections     - [Alt] + Z

Cheat codes only available in the "DEBUG" version:
Cause Fatal Error   - [Alt] + E
Do "TEST" routine   - [Alt] + [Space]

2. Activating cheat mode for X-COM Apocalypse Tactical:
Hold down [Alt] and type "TAC CHEAT" if you mistype it or it doesn't work, 
hold down [Alt] and press any key other than [T], then try again. You will 
get visual confirmation that the cheat mode has been activated on the 
message bar.

The Codes:
Cancel cheat mode           - [Alt] + [Esc]
Training mode on / off      - [Alt] + T
Hidden terrain on / off     - [Alt] + H
Hidden units on / off       - [Alt] + V
Kill all hostile units      - [Alt] + K
Invincibility on / off      - [Alt] + I
Weightlessness on / off     - [Alt] + W
Increase musical intensity  - [Alt] + F
Decrease musical intensity  - [Alt] + G
Animation viewer             - [Alt] + U (you must have unit selected
                                       + on screen, [Esc] exits,
                                       other keys given on screen)

Cheat codes only available in the 
"DEBUG" version:
Show frame counter  - [Alt] + R
Do "TEST" routine   - [Alt] + [Space]

Simply load your non-tactical mission game file in a hex editor, go to location 
33D40 and type FF FF FF to get 16.7 mln credits.

Submitted by: Ki-tat Chung

Enter the manufacture screen and select an item to manufacture. Exit that screen 
to the area where you choose the engineerers. You will have lost the money that 
you used to make the item. Re-enter the manufacture screen and you would have 
gained the money back again. Repeat as many times as desired.

You can just press enter continiously instead of clicking, though sometimes it exits 
the whole manufactureing area.

Easy Money:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

At the Research and Manufacture screen, select any workshop and assign a job. You 
will lose the cost of one of the items. Now enter the Assign screen again. You will 
get the cost refunded. Back out of the Assign screen, then re-enter it to get more 

Use hoverbikes in city combat:
A large fleet of hoverbikes armed with a laser, plasma gun, or light missiles is 
your best defense against UFOs, at least early on. You'll lose a few, but they deal
out a lot of damage and are rather hard to kill. The bigger crafts, can mount cargo
space and shields, and should be reserved for your reaction forces chasing alien 
infiltrators and crashed UFOs.

Cult of Sirius:
...are a great source of money in the game. Constantly raid them. They're in league 
with the aliens anyway, so it doesn't matter if they're hostile to you. Send in 
squads and you'll end up a) decreasing the cults funds so they can't attack you, b)
retrieve valuable weaponry (and Psiclones) which can be sold off to give you more 
money and c) give your squaddies experience, thus raising their stats.

Don't use ground vehicles:
Due to a design flaw, the ground vehicles are virtually useless, because a vehicle
is considered destroyed when the road tile beneath it is destroyed, even if the 
vehicle is completely undamaged.
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